15 Things to Do in December with Kids

Things to do in December

I don’t know about you, but by the time winter rolls around here in Seattle, I’m scrambling to find things for the kids to do. If you’re in the same boat, you’re going to love this list of things to do in December!

Nine ways to drink enough water. Are you getting enough?

Do you drink enough water? Here are nine tips to help you get enough.

Do you drink enough water? I hope so, because we need water to survive. Water helps your joints, protects your brain, regulates your body temperature and helps remove waste. Don’t get enough water and you’ll get dehydrated which means, low blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, dry skin, and obviously, you’ll be tired. Really tired.

Check out these things to do in November!


With all of the bustle in getting ready for the holidays, you’ll love this list of things to do in November with your family. From cooking, to donations to reading books about being thankful, you’re sure to find something your family will enjoy doing together.

15 Festive Things to Do in October

15 Festive Things to Do in October

It’s the start of my favorite time of year. I love fall. Fall means crunching through leaves, tall boots, flannel shirts and fingerless gloves. It also means coming up with fun things to do in October with my family, most likely with a caramel apple cider in hand.

More than 100 Ways to Relax and Restore

I love outdoor fireplaces at shopping malls.

Life has this way of becoming overly complicated. We’re guilty of not taking care of ourselves, which has a negative impact on our well being. We owe it out ourselves to find more ways to relax and restore on a regular basis.

15 Fun Things to Do in September!


It’s cold and rainy in Seattle today and I am trying to wrap my head around what happened to summer. School starts next week, so it’s time to think about fun fall activities. I have this list of things to do in September to make up for end of summer fun and beginning of the fall season!