Meet our backyard chickens.

chickens in the takeout box

Last week we went to a cookout at my friend Emily’s house, our kids are very close in age so it’s always a good time. Well, they have backyard chickens. Sebby was entranced. Ever since we bought our house last spring, we’ve occasionally talked about getting our own flock, because well, farm fresh eggs are […]

A request: Banana Phone

How do you say no to an almost three year old??? BANANA PHONE!!!!

Cars Picnic Fun: Sebby’s room makeover with Disney Paint #DisneyPaintMoms

disney paint

When we bought out house last year, I was pretty excited! The kids each had their own room and I started planning! Thanks to Glidden and their new Disney Paint at Walmart, I finally started on Sebby’s room! Shopping at Walmart for Disney Paint Leanne of Rave & Review, who is one of my bloggy […]

Ways OTHER than formula to breastfeed longer

breastfeed longer

You know I don’t post ranty posts too often. It’s just not my style. But when something gets under my skin and I think the message is important, well… Tonight I received a press release (surprise surprise) with the following subject line: “Early Formula Use Helps Some Mothers Breastfeed Longer” I’m not going to use […]

May 2013 Instagram Photo a Day Challenge #7SDDPhotoADay

Instagram Photo a Day

I’m the biggest slacker ever with the ol’ Photo a Day thing on Instagram. SLLLLLACCCKKKER!  AGAIN. So, here is the May Instagram Photo a Day Challenge. Maybe I’ll do better this month… Want to join in with the May Instagram Photo a Day Challenge? Be sure to follow me on Instagram at @themaven. Use the hashtag […]

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10

teacher appreciation week

I’m really fortunate that Sebby and Quincy have pretty fabulous teachers. They take the time to get to know my kids and help them learn and grow as people. They foster relationships and truly love what they do. I know it’s important to let them know they are appreciated, so I plan on doing some […]