Day Zero Project {take two}

The Day Zero Project is essentially a list of 101 things that you plan to do in the next 1001 days. I started one last year around this time and well, promptly "forgot" about it. So here we are, … [Read more...]

World Prematurity Day: Thoughts from a Preemie Mom

You never go into a pregnancy thinking you may have a preemie, unless 1. You’ve already had one or 2. You were a preemie. I had neither of those things, so my first pregnancy I expected to be your … [Read more...]

Is it Daylight Savings Time already…

Tomorrow morning we turn back the clocks. An extra hour of sleep. Unless you have kids. :)It also means 2011 is almost over. And I am trying to wrap my head around that.Christmas is in less … [Read more...]

About those Kardashian pantyhose…

If you're a blogger, and you haven't heard about the BrandLink Communications PR fail that happened in the past 24 hours, well, you've been living under a rock.It started with a poorly written … [Read more...]

It’s time to @SoarWithReading!

I had the opportunity to chat with Ron Fairchild, President/CEO at Smarter Learning Group, last week about how to make reading fun for children. He suggested reading books together with your child and … [Read more...]

The swing incident…

I think every parent knows it is inevitable, the first broken bone. It's just a matter of WHEN it happens. Mine was at 15. My son's was at 3 3/4.While playing on the playground at his school this … [Read more...]

My thank you shout out to @EvoGear & @BurtonSnowboard #winterstormwarning

A few days ago, my husband mentions to me that he wants to stop by our local snowboard shop this weekend. Seems Burton Snowboards is kicking off their Winter 2012 in a kickass way.If you are a … [Read more...]

Day Out With Thomas 2011

Today we headed out to the Northwest Railway Museum for Day Out With Thomas 2011. Undaunted by the showers (hey, this is Seattle) we went to ride on our favorite tank engine, play with trains and hang … [Read more...]

Please vote for @Faces_of_Loss to win a 25k grant to help parents that have lost a baby.

Have a minute? Please take a moment out of your day to VOTE for my friend's amazing non-profit organization, Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. This $25k grant can go a long ways in helping moms that … [Read more...]

Happy First Birthday Quincy!

Today is Quincy's 1st birthday! My sweet baby girl came into this world nearly 8 weeks early and is now a happy and healthy one year old!Here's a photo of her cake smash fun from yesterday's photo … [Read more...]

First birthday party fun!

Today we celebrated Quincy's FIRST birthday. Her official birthday is Tuesday, so this lucky little girl got to celebrate early!The day started out overcast, but it ended up being the perfect … [Read more...]

Birthday cake traditions…

In the oven is a very special cake. The cake for my daughter Quincy's 1st birthday party.It's a family tradition that on your first birthday you get a banana cake with honey frosting. Both my … [Read more...]