Winnie the Pooh Mother’s Day Card!

One of my clients send me this cute Mother's Day card from Winnie the Pooh to share with you all! Feel free to save, print and enjoy! ABOUT THE MOVIE Walt Disney Animation Studios returns … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday (with Linky) Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians.. dress up with my brother. Notice the fierce Boston Bull Terror(ier) … [Read more...]

I’m a proud preemie mom…

I'm a preemie mom. I have a beautiful little girl that was born early, at 32weeks and 3 days due to complications of pre-eclampsia. Despite her small 2 pound 14 ounce size, she came out yelling and … [Read more...]

10 things you can do to be eco-friendly for mom

1. Breakfast in bed. She’ll thank you for not buying her a meal at the local greasy spoon that’s 65% of the days calories because the portion size is so huge. 2. Skip Hallmark. First of all, by now … [Read more...]

Learning to be Eco-Healthy from my mom…

I have all these memories of school lunches when I was in grade school. The long white tables in the multi=purpose room. The line next to the Lance snack machine and cooler that contained Hershy Ice … [Read more...]

I’m attempting this blog hop thing again with GFC!

I had a love hate with GFC until this evening, when I discovered a single line of code was preventing me from having my GFC fun. So here we go again! Let's try this! Join the linky below if you … [Read more...]

Fundraiser for Infant Loss: In Memory of Stevie Joy Cook

I have a friend who was pregnant at the same time as me, named Kristin.  Sadly she lost her baby girl, Stevie Joy, to a stillbirth last May.  As devastating as this loss was for her, she went and … [Read more...]

4/20 CHALLENGE: You are what you eat – so what are you eating?

Nutrigrain Cereal Bar

Our modern diet is more complicated than ever before. More and more families are choosing natural and organic foods to protect their family’s health. You can too by taking simple steps. Your … [Read more...]

Dear Stevie…

Dear Stevie, You don't know me but I am a internet friend of your Mom, Kristin.. We met on BabyCenter and had a secret club. We were called the Bacon Girls (or something like that, I'll let your … [Read more...]

It’s time to eliminate artificial food dyes…

Artificial Dyes

Last month my good friend Melissa found out her preschooler was allergic to artificial food dyes. Since then her world has turned into scrutinizing labels and a new level of menu planning. She had a … [Read more...]

4/6 CHALLENGE: Give a meal an easy makeover!


Your family’s food should be safe and nutritious because what’s more important than the health of your child? Choosing certified organic food is a simple way to help promote health. You can do it by … [Read more...]

Unsolicited Facebook Chats: the older bad step-sister of the Twitter AutoDM

My Facebook friend and a fellow mom blogger extraordinaire, Amy, AKA Mom Spark posted this as her Facebook status earlier today: “Please stop the unsolicited Facebook chats, I beg you.“ I have to … [Read more...]