Things to do in August

Summer isn't over yet! You'll love these things to do in August with your family! Things to Do in August 1. Make watermelon basil “mocktails” to enjoy with the kids. 2. Teach the kids to … [Read more...]

Everything You Need for A Catio

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Things to do in July

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Parenting advice from real moms

Many thanks to Huggies for sponsoring today’s story on parenting advice from real moms and encouraging me to try Huggies Little Movers Diapers! Pick up any baby book or magazine and you'll be sure … [Read more...]

WellieWishers : New from American Girl!

June 23, a new collection of dolls joins the  American Girl family. WellieWishers are five inspiring characters helping kindness and friendship bloom. These adorable new dolls are for girls ages 5-7, … [Read more...]

75 things to do this summer with kids!

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The heat is on – don’t miss these water activities!

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Kid Friendly Things To Do In June

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19 Things You Should Have or Know How to Do Now That You’re An Adult

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6 Sanity Savers For Moms

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Things to Do in April

Happy April! Whether spring break has come and gone, you're celebrating it right now or it's a few weeks away, here are some fun things to do in April with your family! You'll have to let me know … [Read more...]

Friday Night Fort Building with BabyBel

Thanks to BabyBel for a fun family kit and yummy cheese! It's been a hectic week. Sunday Sebby decided it would be fun to flush "Wingo" down the toilet. Monday was realizing "Wingo" did not in fact … [Read more...]