How to have a stress free holiday for cats! #CLUMPandSEAL

Fluffy doesn’t like company the same way you do. You need to know how to have a stress free holiday for cats. Hint, it starts with a clean litter box.

Keep Your Cats Happy, Reduce Litter Box Odor! #CLUMPandSEAL

Happy Cats in Seattle

Learn ways to reduce litter box odor, because an odor free home is a happy home and that means a happy cat!

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Nixie dressed up as Darth Vader

Don’t miss these 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets! It’s important to keep your pets safe and not spooked!

Spoil Your Cat With a Pull N Play Wobbert and Ropes #MostPlayfulCat

Spoil your cat with a Pull N Play!

I have the best kitties ever! Nixie and Milo are really wonderful kitties. They may not be super snuggly or lapcats, but we love them. So we obviously find ways to spoil them. From treats to cozy beds, it’s important to spoil your cat!

The Ultimate Cat Sitting Checklist

Sleeping Nixie #PerfectPortions AD

Stop worrying about leaving your cats behind with this Ultimate Cat Sitting Checklist full of tips on what information you should leave for your cat sitter. #PerfectPortions ad

Everything You Need for A Catio

Happy kitties on their catio #LitterOdorRevolution {ad}

The Catio: The Ultimate Outdoor Enclosure for your favorite feline. Does you have everything you need for your catio? Don’t miss this post, for your cats sake.