Choice Hotels’ New Loyalty Points Program

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There are a lot of things in life we wait for… the line at the local coffee bar. the two week wait. the bus. the TSA line at the airport. a doctors appointment. a car in front of you at the green light. the pizza delivery guy. people stop talking during a movie. the bathroom […]

4 Simple Steps for Road Trip Prep

Don't miss this list of road trip prep ideas #FueltheLove AD

These simple steps for road trip prep is a sponsored post. 4 Simple Steps for Road Trip Prep On our bucket list is planning a whirlwind trip to the Grand Canyon. (planning being the key word, but hey, a girl can dream right). We’ve already done a lot of travel this year, so I’m not sure […]

What to Pack for Sleepaway Camp

If your kids are headed to sleepover camp this summer, chances are that you’ve been sent a list of things they can and cannot bring to camp. Make sure you look over it carefully, even if your children have gone to the same camp the previous summer.

If you HAVEN’T gotten packing list for summer camp yet, I’ve put this list together for you, along with some other tips along the way.

Tips for Traveling Overseas

Planning travel? Don't miss these important tips for traveling overseas.

Whether you’re planning your very first overseas trip or you’re a seasoned traveler, here’s a list of tips for traveling overseas. From Health resources like MyIR to guide book tips, how to pack or money advice, you won’t want to miss this.

Have droid luggage, will travel.

This is the Star Wars luggage I'm looking for.

My new Star Wars luggage from American Tourister goes with me everywhere! I love my little BB8!

Finding Dory at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Finding Dory at Monterey Bay Aquarium

If it wasn’t magical enough to visit the beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium last month, it was even more special to take part in moments that I will always remember.

Here’s what happened in about 24 hours: