Change the World. Teach your Children about Charity.

9 potential projects.

4 week cycle.

One gets funded.

Members Unite is a collaborative action network, each month 9 potential projects are proposed to the members. During a 4 week cycle, members vote on which one impacts them the most, and in the end, one is funded with member contributions.

Whether funding school supplies, digging wells, providing dogs to Veterans or putting a door on a new home for Habitat for Humanity, each project will speak to each member differently.

Sure, it’s easy to donate $5 or $10 one time to help with a project, but when 2000 people donate $5 it’s not a coin dropping in a bucket, it’s a cannonball. It makes a big splash.

I have two children with exceptional needs, so education projects are always going to catch my eye. Ones that help teachers fund projects are especially important. Sebby attends a developmental preschool, and they are severely underfunded in our district (well, in ALL districts). Knowing that HIS class could receive money because of a project being funded through Members Unite is a huge deal to me. Sure, we can go buy a few extra boxes of crayons for his class, but what if we could help support a project that buys crayons, and drawing pads, and markers and a new bulletin board? Or maybe the project is to pay for another aid in a classroom, or a speech therapist? Think of the impact that would make on kids, and that Sebby would know that he helped make that happen. And that’s pretty neat.

And powerful. Sebby, who sometimes struggles with communication because of his Autism, could find a voice. By logging into Members Unite with me each week, we can find the picture of the project we like best, and vote on it, cheering it on as it makes it’s way through each cycle. Since it’s the beginning of the month, we have no way of knowing if the project “Let’s Reward Teachers with the Things They Need” will win, either way, it’s a great experience for Sebby and I! The important thing is that it gets him thinking.

I love that at an early age he is learning the importance of sharing, caring about others and giving back. And Members Unite makes it so simple for me to show him that the smallest things make a huge difference.

Sebby's First Day of Preschool

Want to make a splash? Would ten of you give up a trip to Starbucks just once this month? $5. You can do that, right? Go read the current potential projects and see what a difference skipping your latte would make. If you decide to sign up for Members Unite, would you please comment below and let me know which project you’d like to support? I’d like to send you a thank you for joining this really amazing project.

For a limited time, Members Unite is offering my community a 50% off discount on the annual membership fee of $25! Use code “WELOVEMOMS” when you sign up!
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