Charity Gift Giving for Kids with a CWIST

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

When your kids get a case of the “I wants” you typically have them earn their desires with a chore list, or good grades, right? Not super exciting is it?

My kids are just entering that phase, so I was pretty excited to learn about cwist. I wanted to find a fun and unique way for them to earn the things they wanted that wasn’t – put your shoes away, hang up your coat etc – they should be doing that anyway, right?

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CWIST (pronounced \ˈkwist\) – kids’ challenges with a twist – is a parent-educator collaboration that provides an interactive library of educational, community service and outdoor challenges that help kids make a healthy connection between the things they want and the effort it takes to get them.

CWIST also motivates kids to earn the things they ask for by setting goals and rewarding them for their accomplishments. Children make a wish, and parents assign a challenge that the kid will love doing because it’s tailored to their interests and it’s fun.

CWIST makes parents’ lives easier by connecting them to a community of parents and educators and a library of “crowd-sourced learning” challenges that motivate kids to earn the things what they want.

What’s fantastic about cwist is that there are fun activities for everyone, and if by chance there isn’t something my kids might like, I can create one for them. That’s probably my favorite part – Sebby for example, is not a typical kid, so in some areas he needs more guidance. They fact that I can make him his own custom CWIST to meet his goal is pretty great.

There are CWISTs to fit nearly every interest, from charity work to art projects to education and beyond so don’t worry, you’ll find the perfect one for your child.

Both of my kids love numbers, so we had fun doing a math cwist.

Charity Giving for kids

Charity Gift Giving for Kids with a cwist

CWIST for Kids is a multi-week giving campaign where kids can complete learning challenges (or cwists) to give gifts to kids in need.

The program fosters giving, empathy and personal connections between kids and helps
make a child’s holiday wish come true.

Here’s how it works:

  • A child and parent select a child in need along with a gift that matches the recipient’s wish.
  • Parents assign a learning challenge (“a cwist”) that the child will love doingbecause it’s interactive and it’s fun.
  • Once the CWIST is successfully completed by a child, the toy will be delivered, along with a message of holiday cheer, to that less fortunate youngster through Lighthouse Shelter and Sarah’s House, as well as the Homeless Education Program for Anne Arundel County Schools, MD.

CWIST is donating the first $1,000 in toys earned by children, and once that giving
goal is reached, CWIST’s toy retail partners are giving a 20% discount on toys
purchased for children through the program.

We chose a little girl who wanted a doll to do our CWIST for. Quincy is very much into dollies right now, so it was easy for her to relate to. We did a fun math CWIST that was just challenging enough that she wouldn’t get too frustrated. Now, Quincy is 3, so I did most of the math, but she still counted with me and earned that doll!

CWIST is a great way to teach charity gift giving for kids! I encourage you to sign up for CWIST today! Have you already been CWISTing? I’d love to hear about your CWIST!

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