Sticking to my Christmas budget at Sam’s Club {Giveaway}

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Sticking to my Christmas Budget At Sam's Club #fullhomehappyhome ad
December is always crazy for me. It’s a whirlwind of blog projects, school activities, family outings and planning for the holidays. This year it’s borderline out of control, kind of like my Christmas budget. In my efforts to rein in the chaos just a little tiny bit, I decided to try out the Club Pickup feature at Sam’s Club. This time of year I am always in need of those bigger bulky items and I don’t want to go to Sam’s Club for just that one thing. This holiday season, Sam’s Club is helping shoppers maximize every dollar by offering great deals on Everyday Essentials. Purchasing stock-up sizes of quality brands like Bounty, Olay, Swiffer, Febreze, and Gain at Sam’s Club will help ensure your home is prepared for the holidays.. But what I didn’t know is buy strategically buying Tide and Mr Clean Magic Erasers in bulk and utilizing the Club Pickup feature I’d be saving money. Serious money. As in almost $97!

Pickup everyday essentials at Sam's Club #fullhomehappyhome ad

$97 I could then turn around and spend on things I’d been meaning to buy for our house, and also some Christmas presents for the family. $97 is a huge dent in my Christmas budget! Plus, with Club Pickup I had the convenience of picking up my Everyday Essentials to give me more time to shop for other things at Sam’s Club. Dun dun dun. Do you know how much FUN it is to shop with an unexpected extra $100 at Sam’s Club during the holidays? It’s crazy fun! I found myself being strategic with my savings, and instead of buying the light up train that my almost 3 year old wanted, I really tried to stretch my dollars.

So what did I get with my $97 Christmas Budget (roughly, I may have gone “over-budget” just a tiny bit)
New bath towels (to replace ones that were over 15 years old)
2 American Girl Gift Sets
Peanuts Holiday Blu-Ray Movie Set
At this point ^^ I had spent $97
For less than $40 more I got:
5 Kids books (two of those were Star Wars book sets)
A bag of gourmet popcorn
Sam's Club has a great selection of family gifts #fullhomehappyhome ad

Not a bad haul right?
What I really loved is that I could focus on shopping for my home and the family because I had already arranged for Club Pickup for my Everyday Essentials. I didn’t have to worry about it. Club Pickup is EASY. Wednesday night, I ordered my items online. I even had the option to pay for them them or once I got to the store. Then I downloaded the Sam’s Club app to my iPhone. I was mostly doing this for convenience sake, but here is the cool/creepy part. When I turned into the parking lot on Thursday morning, I got a notification that I was NEAR the store and did I want to pick up my order. Love it!

Shop at Sam's Club for a #FullHomeHappyHome AD

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  1. I love shipping at Sam’s Club for organic items. We stock up on their produce, Hummus, Almond milk and cheeses! Plus love their kids book selection and fresh flowers 🙂

  2. Since it’s “free” money, I’d spend half wisely and stock up on FoodSaver bags, then spend half fun-ly and get a couple bottles of nice wine.

  3. I would buy for myself a new pair of cozy, warm, winter pajamas and spend the rest on gifts for my family.

  4. I would buy some laundry and cleaning supplies!

  5. I wold buy some winter clothes for myself.

  6. I would purchase all I need (stickers, fun pens, etc.) to create the perfect planner for 2016!

  7. bill norris says:

    dvds or blu-rays would go into my shopping cart and maybe some movie snacks too.

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