Clearing Up with MaxClarity Acne Foam Medication

Finding the right skincare products has proven to be a never-ending task in my life since I had kids. Something changed after my pregnancies, causing my skin to be prone to breakouts around my temples and jaw line once a month. MaxClarity is a very unique product. It’s the world’s first and only acne-fighting foam system available without a prescription! Unlike most skin care products, MaxClarity actually comes in a foam. It’s like a hair mousse, but for the face! I have to say, I’ve never used anything like it, and after a recent episode of a massive breakouts, my skin was in dire need of help.

All of the MaxClarity products I received.

I received a two-month supply of MaxClarity Foam Acne Medication, including a Foaming Wash and Facial Moisturizing Lotion. Right before I started using MaxClarity, I had just suffered from a terrible episode of breakouts. Like I said, I suffer from a blemish or two right before I hit “that time of the month.” But this was different. I tried a new face cream that was apparently too much for my skin to handle, and within a week, my face was riddled with breakouts. I turn 40 this fall. FORTY! And I had the acne of a teenager. Not a good feeling. The ingredients in MaxClarity foam are actually micronized. This means they are absorbed fast and penetrate deep, working hard to give you acne-free skin. I was eager to give it a try, and had high hopes for the outcome.

So how does it work? The routine is incredibly easy to follow and involves only two steps. In the morning, you start with the Deep Cleanser, then follow it up with the Advanced Acne Treatment. You can also add in the Facial Moisturizing Lotion if you wish. I used it daily, and what I loved about it is that it’s a non-irritating, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and color free formula. It left my skin feeling so nice…zero greasiness. (Trust me, my skin was grateful for this!)

MaxClarity Deep Cleanser, Advanced Acne Treatment and Rejuvenating Toner.

Here’s a few tips. First, make sure as soon as you get your products to break the seals on the cans. I didn’t realize I needed to do this, only because I failed to read the directions. (Yes, I’m a mom…and a total scatterbrain depending on the time of day!) Here’s a great illustration:

Second, make sure to turn the can upside down, then shake straight up and down before each use. This helps develop the foam.


Third, only squeeze out a grape-sized dollop of foam, regardless of which one you’re using. Now, speaking from experience, this is where the “breaking of the seals” comes in handy. I wasn’t able to gauge the amount I needed the first time or two I used it. (Again, this was my doing.)

In the evening, you have two simple steps to follow, much like the morning routine. First you use the Deep Cleanser, and follow it up with the Rejuvenating Toner. Again, you can apply some of the light-weight Facial Moisturizing lotion if you wish.

One of my favorite products by MaxClarity is their Foaming Body Wash. This creamy, unscented wash is absolutely divine. I keep it in the show and love how it lathers up, leaving my skin feel so soft and clean! Again, I am one of the unfortunate ones that gets occasional body breakouts…mainly on my chest and shoulders. This body wash cleared up my skin right away!

MaxClarity Foaming Wash & Facial Moisturizing Lotion

I wanted to make sure that MaxClarity wasn’t eventually going to dry my face out, which has happened with so many products I’ve tried in the past. I followed the suggested daily routine for two weeks, morning and night. After two weeks, still no dry skin! I can say with confidence that MaxClarity did not dry out my skin…AND it cleared up my breakouts! Let me clarify what I mean about clearing up my breakouts. It actually went deep into my skin, clearing up the blemish from the inside. So many products just minimize them, which means they are eventually going to flare back up. Trust me, I run into this problem all to often. With MaxClarity, I could tell that it was actually destroying the bacteria, and was impressed at how wonderfully it cleared up my skin. And FAST.


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Disclosure: Angela Williamson of Fab Find Foodie received samples from MaxClarity to review for The Maven of Social Media. All thoughts expressed are her true and honest opinions. No monetary compensation as received.


  1. Tracy Hamill says:

    I am almost 40 and I break out worse now than I did as a teenager. Some products do not work for me like they should.

  2. Keri Reinholz deRoziere says:

    I have tried so many products with no long term success. I would love to try this!

  3. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    My daughter actually needs this, we have tried many things and nothing really works.

  4. Amy Carlson says:

    I need it because my skin has completely changed since having a baby. I have acne like a teenager again!

  5. I have a very difficult time finding cleansers that do not burn my skin and cause it to peel. Having sensitive skin makes it difficult to find cleansers that work. Also, I have always had a problem with acne.

  6. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I need Max Clarity for my teenage son & daughter-

  7. Lolita Cook says:

    My son has bad acne and I would like to win this for him.

  8. christine jessamine says:

    i would like to have this for my sensitive skin

  9. Amy Orvin says:

    I have some acne.

  10. Sarah Carroll says:

    I would like to try it and share some with son. He is juast barely at the age where he needs to start using this kind of thing.

  11. I have some blemishes that just won’t go away!! Would be great to try this product.

  12. I suffer from cystic acne had treatment and all. But still have breakouts and I would love to try this product.. I would love my acne to stop, have smaller pores and minimize my scars.

  13. I have somewhat bad acne and this would help a lot : )

  14. amanda roach says:

    b/c i never treat myself to nice hair care products.

  15. amanda roach says:

    yup lol not sure why i said hair i meant skin..

  16. Trung Nguyen says:

    I’d love to win this for my sister. She has some acne

  17. Michelle Tucker says:

    I don’t get as many breakouts as I used to, but the blackheads are horrible for me. I’d love to give this a try to see if it diminishes them!

  18. Albeirta says:

    Although I may find my acne very disgusting but I don’t rush things like dodging onto something that ‘s not been suggested by my doctor. It is very much assuring if you will take some appropriate action recommended by the expert.