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I love cloth diapering for so many reasons. The health of my babies bum, less trash to the curb, the cute and functional designs, the lack of chemicals. But I don’t always cloth diapering on the go. It can drive me batty – it’s one thing if I’m just out for the afternoon but for a long weekend? A business trip? I’ll be honest, it’s a hassle.

Then Cotton Babies offered to send me their Flip™ hybrid diaper system to try. You remember Cotton Babies – they make some of my favorite diapers – BumGenius. The Flip™ system might very well change my opinions on cloth diapering on the go – and even at home sometimes too!

The Flip™ hybrid diaper system is a one size system that’s designed to take your baby from 8 to 35 pounds – that’s basically birth to potty training! Cotton Babies smartly designed fold down inserts for practically every need making it the only cloth diaper system you’ll need.

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Cloth diapering on the go (and at home too!)

What I love about the Flip™ hybrid diaper system is it offers a unique flexibility like no other. At home  I’m loving the Flip™ covers paired with a stay dry insert. As long as their is no poop-splosion (and it’s happened) I can just pop the stay dry insert into a wet bag, wipe down the cover, put a new insert in and back on Edison. It’s simple and pretty much effortless. The covers fit him really well and we haven’t had a leak yet!

For quick day trips, the covers and stay dry inserts have been nothing short of fantastic. A real bonus is that the stay dry inserts aren’t bulky so they don’t take up a bunch of room in my diaper bag – which is good, because I’m hauling around stuff for 3 kids most days! An extra cover and I’m good to go.

I have a business trip next month and I’m excited to utilize another option offered by the Flip™ hybrid diaper system – the disposable insert. The disposable insert is going to be so convenient – I won’t have to worry about carrying around dirty inserts or washing them in my hotel room.

I think I’ve found my solution to avoid the dreaded disposable and continue our journey with cloth diapering, even while traveling.

What tips do you have for cloth diapering on the go?

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  1. My wet bag has been my best friend in keeping me on the cloth diapering on the go bandwagon. So much so that I am purchasing two more to make it easier to CD on weekends away.

  2. What an awesome system! They didn’t have these when I purchased CDs for my son. My sister uses them and loves the Flip diapers.

  3. This is so cool! I wish it was around when my kids were little. It was so much harder when my kids were little. Plus it was not so easy to find good cloth diapers.

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