Cooking with the family & other holiday cooking tips.

Can you believe Christmas week is here? I’m wrapping up my shopping and I need to think about Christmas dinner. It’s a little overwhelming. What’s a bit nuts is we aren’t even traveling anywhere OR hosting Christmas dinner at our house. It’s just Alan, the kids and I. Still, I like to keep my stress level down to a dull roar and not worry about spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

Quincy makes whipping cream in a jar.

Safeway to the rescue! My friends at Safeway sent me  great tips from Chef Jeff Anderson. My kids LOVE going to Safeway with me (and I promise I’m not saying that because they are sponsoring this post.) Sebby has their app on his iPad and he loves looking a the map of where all the stores are. It’s really endearing. The only problem is he now wants to go visit Safeway stores in different states.

I love that I’ll be able to include my kids in my meal planning, and also do a little bit bit of before Christmas Day meal prep so I can focus on other things. That’s a lot more fun for everyone involved, right?

Quincy ALWAYS wants to help, so we decided to try one of the tips that Safeway sent, and make our own whipped cream. I love that it’s a fun way for her to help out without the stove. Stoves and five year olds make me nervous. Now, I will say that shake a quart jar might be hard for little ones, so be prepared to take over. I had to. I’m wondering if that counts as a workout?

Cook with family: The holidays are all about spending time with family (and eating delicious food!), so why not get the kids involved in preparing the big meal? They can help by making this Maple Vanilla Whipped Cream to top the pumpkin pie – simply put the Lucerne Heavy Whipping Cream in a mason jar and have the kids shake it for 5-7 minutes adding the flavorings half way through, it’s that easy!
Make ahead: When hosting guests during the holidays, the day can quickly go from wonderful to chaotic without the right preparation. The key to a seamless day is to make most dishes ahead. This Easy No-Roll Pie Crust makes whipping up a homemade pie… easy as pie! Both the crust and filling can be easily made ahead and stored in the freezer for a stress-free  day! The secret to this perfectly flaky pie crust? Lucerne Cream Cheese and Lucerne Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter!
Save time: Shortcuts and time-saving tips make holiday dinner cooking a breeze. Cooking the turkey in an over bag will reduce cooking time by 30-35%. Even better, mix Lucerne Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter with spices, herbs and more, like Cranberry Sage Butter or Roasted Garlic Rosemary Butter, to easily add a delicious punch of flavor to the turkey, vegetables, rolls and more!


Preparing your holiday menu doesn’t have to be stressful. Get the family involved, and do what you can to prep ahead, you’ll be glad you did!

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