Finding fun ways to use dairy and save at Safeway!

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School is out in two weeks. Which means things are going to get a little crazy around here. I’ve been wanting to find ways to get the kids excited about trying new things so Quincy, Edison and I headed to Safeway last week to pick up some groceries. One of the coolest thing about our neighborhood is our Safeway is about a 10-15 minute walk. It makes it so easy to load the kids up in the stroller and baby wearing devices to go grab a few basics. This trip those basics were dairy.

June Dairy Savings at Safeway!

As an added bonus, Safeway (and their participating stores) has this awesome promotion running right now that runs until July 2 where you can save $5 when you spend $15. Most of these items are dairy not to mention items I regularly by. I keep track of these sales with my Safeway app on my iPhone – it makes it so easy!

save $5

I was excited to see some of the staples we often buy participating in this promotion, and the ideas for recipes started churning as I walked through the dairy department at Safeway. I added Kraft Shredded Cheese, Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Dannon Activia Yogurt to my cart and peeked around for some other favorites. I got some treats for myself but my real focus were my recipe ideas!

dairy choices- everyday dairy

Getting creative with dairy

Dannon Activia Yogurt
My kids love fresh berries, and they love yogurt. To be honest, so do my husband and I. I thought it’d be fun to combine our Activia Yogurt with some fresh berries I picked up in the produce department during my shopping trip. Layer it in a fancy glass and it’s more fun to eat too, right?

Yogurt Parfait
Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
I also picked up a ridiculous amount of Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese because I’ve been meaning to learn to make cheese cake for a long time. It’s another fun way I can get the kids interested in eating different forms of dairy, and like the yogurt, I can add some fruit to it for added nutrition. I’d love to hear your ideas! Since I have about 4 bricks of cream cheese in my refrigerator right now, I’m probably making my cheesecake tomorrow! I will totally share the recipe with you when I do!  If you have any simple cheese cake recipes for me to try, please let me know in the comments

Kraft Shredded Cheese
I think we make nachos at least two or three times a week. I love that in under 5 minutes I can load up a plate with my favorite tortilla chips top it with some Kraft Shredded Cheese – pop it in the microwave and blam – nachos in the making. Add some sour cream and salsa and it’s a delicious and easy treat. I ALWAYS keep shredded cheese around – whether I use it for nachos, for scrambled eggs, for stuffing burgers or making quinoa enchiladas. Yeah, I’m a fan.

I admit, my kids can be particular eaters. What they love today, they might hate tomorrow, so I need to have an arsenal of ideas at hand – dairy is a great way to start. Everyday Dairy is a part of our lives – and believe me, I’m glad they didn’t inherit the lactose intolerance I had as a child (and luckily outgrew!)

I’ve already used this awesome promo TWICE, and with all of the dairy ideas that I have, I’m going to be headed back to Safeway later this week to take advantage again! Woot!

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How do you incorporate dairy from day to day?

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  1. I love the large selection at Safeway during the Dairy sale. A great time to stock up!

  2. That yogurt parfait looks delicious! I am not a big yogurt fan, but the kids and hubby are and I love me some raspberries! I don’t typically shop Safeway, but we do venture there every once in awhile! I will have to check it out more – especially for dairy savings since we consume endless amounts of dairy at my home!

  3. I have been stopping at the gas station every morning and picking up a fruit and yogurt parfait that has granola in a cup on top. It is $2.49 and every time I hear about this Safeway sale I cringe thinking about how many I could make at home on my own for the amount I spend in a week. I need to start saving those cups and reuse them to make my own!

    • Um, yes you do Janet! You would SAVE so MUCH MONEY. I got a little cereal at Safeway the other day that would be PERFECT for you. It’s a cup with an attached spoon and separated lid so you could keep your granola off your yogurt until it was time to eat it!

  4. That parfait looks so yummy and refreshing! Love the promo too!

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