Cute tops from @Milkstars make breastfeeding & looking fashionable easy!

When I was packing for BlogHer 11 I ran into a bit of a dilemna. My normal “at-home” attire of nursing tanks and yoga pants wasn’t going to cut it. And living in Seattle, most of my nursing friendly tops were long sleeved. Also not going to cut it for the California sun.

Thank goodness a fellow blogger suggested checking out Milkstars. I’m so glad I did! Milkstars is the brainchild of Jamie Rubin, now mom and former news producer. Jamie really took the time to find out what real moms wanted out of their nursing apparel. I’m so glad she did.

Jamie was kind enough to send me the sleeveless “Jolie” top to wear at BlogHer. It was the perfect choice, as it looks great with cargo carpis, jeans or dress pants. I love how versatile the “Jolie” is and that it doesn’t scream “nursing wear” like so many other shirts do. I loved how soft the fabric was, how well it draped and how good it looked! And the best part? I could nurse my sweet little girl! The only bummer? No pictures of me in the comfy, adorable Jolie! 🙁

I’m definitely adding more tops from Milkstars to my wishlist!

The "Jolie" from Milkstars

Like the other gorgeous tops in the Milkstars collection the “Jolie” comes in a variety of fantastic colors too! That’s another thing I really love about Milkstars – the variety. From color to cut, there really is something for everyone. You can check out all of the fabulous styles at Milkstars, including PJs!! HERE!

Disclaimer: I received a shirt from Milkstars for the purpose of this review. I was not monetarily compensated for this post and the opinion here is my own.

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  1. I love these tops! Very trendy and they don’t even look like breastfeeding tops. I love the Julian style top!

  2. ellen beck says:

    This is adorable and its always nice to see something that looks great for new Moms. I like how this looks easy to move around in yet also classy.

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