Cars Picnic Fun: Sebby’s room makeover with Disney Paint #DisneyPaintMoms

When we bought out house last year, I was pretty excited! The kids each had their own room and I started planning! Thanks to Glidden and their new Disney Paint at Walmart, I finally started on Sebby’s room!

Shopping at Walmart for Disney Paint

Leanne of Rave & Review, who is one of my bloggy besties, and I decided to go shop for paint together since she was painting her son Jonathan’s room too. We used the store locator to find the Walmart closest to us that sold Disney Paint. Now, I’ll admit, Leanne and I are crazy fortunate that there are many Walmarts in our backyard, so even though we had to go to a few to find our paint, we didn’t have to drive very far to do it!

The color choices for the Disney Paints are so cool. And the specialty finishes? AWESOME!!

DisneyPaint 1 Collage

It’s no secret that Sebby is a huge fan of Cars, he has been since Cars 2 came out – so painting his room with Lightening McQueen Red was a no-brainer.  We knew the perfect idea would be using one of the specialty finishes in Magnificent Metallic to create a super amazing accent on the wall.

The challenge was the color of the Magnificent Metallic we had chosen didn’t seem to be in the paint computer at Walmart so it took a little bit of research to make it happen.  Aside from that little snafu, picking up the Disney Paint and all of the needed supplies at Walmart was a piece of cake.

Disney Paint

Walmart made it really easy to get everything we needed to paint and party, including some party supplies for Sebby’s room reveal. You didn’t expect me to makeover his room and then not invite any friends over, did you?

Time for the Lightening McQueen Red

Painting Sebby’s room isn’t easy. I had to make sure I had enough time to move his bed, prep and paint, and have the paint dry enough for him to sleep in his room that night.

before disneypaint Collage

Lucky for me, painting with the Disney Paint from Glidden was flawless. No drips, even color, decent dry time. It only took two coats (NOT my previous experience with red paint) It was nothing short of AWESOME. By the way, ignore the funky colored door. It still needs to be repainted from the old owners – and I wasn’t ready to go Lightening McQueen Red on the door too!

The lighting bolt was just as easy. Alan masked off the design with blue painters tape and I applied two coats of the Magnificent Metallic in Glimmering Silver. OF COURSE I accidentally deleted those photos **facepalm** so I can’t show you how simple it was, but slow and steady with a short, thin rollor brush and my work was complete.

I admit, I totally cheated on the 95. Our original plan was to make a stencil and mask it off. I realized quickly my hand was NOT that steady and I was afraid I was going to botch the whole job. Not something I wanted to do. A quick visit to Amazon solved that problem, and I ordered a Cars wall sticker that included a big 95. I was hedging my bets, and it ended up working perfectly.

The big reveal

We decided to have some friends over for a picnic after the March for Babies, which we do every year. I couldn’t think of anything more fun than a picnic and playdate with good friends!

DisneyPaint Party Collage

The kids had a fun time playing in the yard and watching Cars 2 on TV before we all went to check out Sebby’s new room!

DisneyPaintParty 2 Collage

Poor Sebby, he didn’t want to have his picture taken, but he really was excited about his super cool new room!

Not only did we get to share Sebby’s new room with his friends and their moms, thanks to Disney Paint I had a $50 Walmart Gift Card for one of them to win so they could re-do their child’s room. So so very awesome!

cars fun collage

Lucky for Sebby (and me) my Mom bought him super fun Cars bedding last year, so it went perfect with his new lightening bolt wall!

disney paint

Needless to say, he loves it! I still need to do somethings, like touch up the ceiling (textured ceilings are no fun, and put more decals on the wall (we have a whole slew of Cars decals) plus, Alan and I are going to build some sort of Piston Cup racecar stand to display a bunch of his cars so they aren’t just all over the train table. And of course, I need to paint his door so the decals look better.

decal cars Collage

But overall? I loved how easy just a simple fun wall with Disney Paint really changed the room! I was so happy with how easy the paint was to use that I’m already planning other projects, including using one of the other speciality finishes in Quincy’s room! I’m thinking that the Speck-tacular finish will look pretty with her garden theme I’ve been working on.

What would you do with Disney Paint?

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  1. LOVE how it turned out!! And I can definitely relate to little boys not wanting to get their pictures taken; mine are in that stage right now, too.. :p The room looks amazing!

  2. It really is just adorable!

  3. My son is literally going crazy over that cars room, paint, and pictures. He’s climbing up me as I try and type this and touch the computer screen. Looks great, nicely done.

  4. That is so cool! Makes me want to re-do my son’s room in Cars paint with the lightning bolt! We have the Cars decals on his wall, but the paint isn’t anything fancy 🙁

  5. I love all the fun colors of Disney Paint and that wall turned out amazing. You are talented!

  6. I love that there are these fun paint colors now! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea!

  7. Love the red! We did a bathroom in red once and I know how intense it was but how gorgeous it was too! And that metallic! I might have to find a way to add some to my son’s room! He has a transportation theme now and it would be perfect!

  8. LOVE the lightening bolt! My son would love it too. Although I am not sure he would want to give up his glow in the dark paint.

  9. Such a cool design! And perfect for his room 🙂 Love how easy it was to use those awesome looking metallic paints.

  10. the room looks great.. You mention “The challenge was the color of the Magnificent Metallic we had chosen didn’t seem to be in the paint computer at Walmart so it took a little bit of research to make it happen.” I ma having the same issue but no one is willing to look in the system. can you post the color code from the top of the can if you sitll have it. thanks.

    • Rich,

      “Shimmering Silver” is also known as “Tiara Time” in some of the stores’ tinting software. They are exactly the same color and share the same color code of WD220. 🙂

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