Quincy’s Disney Princess Vision Board Inspires Her to Dream Big!

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Fulfill your daughter's dreams with a vision board and art center #InspireBigDreams #DreamBigPrincess AD

Good things come in small packages right? Quincy was born 8 weeks early and she has a been a sassy spitfire from the beginning. She’s FIERCE and FIESTY.

It’s no doubt Quincy loves to dream big. She loves to create art. If we let her, her room would be a mini-gallery!

She loves to sing. She loves to dance. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Quincy is inspired by her favorite Disney Princesses to follow her dreams. If you ask her what makes Ariel or Rapunzel brave, believe me, Quincy can tell you. She adores their stories.

We just got back from a visit to Disneyland, and Miss Q was over the moon to meet some of her favorite inspirations and role models. I know it may sound silly to say that Disney Princesses are role models, but for my daughter, they inspire her to be brave, kind, to work hard and so much more.


Breakfast at Ariel's Grotto #DreamBigPrincess #InspireBigDreams AD

I found out that Toys “R” Us was launching a new Disney Princesses campaign and I was pretty excited. Disney Princesses’ “Dream Big, Princess” campaign is providing a positive message to all girls that they can be anything they want to be and to never stop dreaming big. Quincy is beyond thrilled. The new Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Dolls are beautiful!


Photo credit: Danielle Simmons – http://www.simmworksfamily.com/

All eleven princesses are in the shimmer doll line, so I’m sure eventually she’s going to want them all. She already has a pretty good start!

What little girl wouldn't love a Disney Princesses inspired art center? #DreamBigPrincess #InspireBigDreams AD

Because I want Quincy’s big dreams and courage to go beyond her new dolls, I’ve helped her make a vision board with pictures of her and her favorite princesses, and of course things she wants to try. I want to encourage Quincy that though she may be smaller than many of her peers, she shouldn’t let that stop her.

Make a Disney Princess Vision Board and Art Center for the Little Dreamer in Your Life #InspireBigDreams #DreamBigPrincess AD

Make a Disney Princess Vision Board

To make Quincy’s special Disney Princess Vision Board, we picked up the following supplies:
a plain canvas
pink paint (or color of your choice)
foam brushes
colorful ribbon
upholstery tacks
markers or glitter pens

It's easy to make a princess inspired vision board! #DreamBigPrincess #InspireBigDreams AD

1.) Paint your canvas and let dry.
2.) Cut the ribbon lengths to criss-cross across your canvas and secure with upholstery tacks.
3.) Embellish the board with your child’s name, or with inspirational words using markers, glitter paint pens etc.
4.) Slide personal photos, artwork and photos that inspire your child underneath the ribbons, making sure you can still see the pictures.
5.) Hang the vision board where your child can be inspired!

Now that Quincy has her vision board, she can role play with her new dolls, have them trade shoes and glittery gowns and dream big with them. She just adores Rapunzel, I know she inspires Quincy to Dream Big!

Rapunzel inspires Quincy to try new things! #DreamBigPrincess #InspireBigDreams AD

Quincy also has Little Kingdom Ariel’s Sea Castle which has lots of fun customizations called Snap-Ins. Plus the Little Kingdom line includes dolls of other princesses – I’m thinking I know what she’s getting for her birthday!

We decided to make Quincy’s Disney Princess Vision Board a permanent piece so she could add to it as her dreams changed. Since she loves art so much, we wanted her to be able to include her artwork when she is inspired too. We’ve also given her some new art supplies, and she can now create her dreams at her great-great-great (yes three greats) grandmother’s desk!
This little girl loves art! #DreamBigPrincess #InspireBigDreams AD

How will you inspire your daughter to be follow her dreams?

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  1. Jenna Wood says:

    It is so very important to inspire a conversation and confidence about goals and self growth within young girls. It can be confusing to find one’s direction in a world that puts our young one’s on sensory overload so channeling positive traits, dreams, and aspirations in a vision board is genius. I have to say my favorite Dinsey Princess, growing up,was one of the least conventional- Mulan- for her defiance against traditional roles and strength in determination and courage!

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