Do you feel confident about your relationship with money?

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Do you feel confident about your relationship with money? I’m not talking about balancing your checkbook or paying your bills on time. Have you really thought about how you treat your money and how it relates to your values and goals?

Does how you spend your money align with your personal goals?

Are you sure?

Do you get daily lattes? Weekly manicures?

Think again.

Having a good relationship with money isn’t just about saving to buy a house or your retirement, it’s managing it so you can obtain those small personal goals.

For example, I love a good latte, but a $10-15 a day latte habit would keep me from achieving personal and family goals. At around $450 a month not having that habit gives me more control of my money. It adds up to over $5,000 a year!

$5,000 is a pretty nice family vacation or a lot of weekends away.

There was a time when I thought we couldn’t reasonably afford an expensive vacation, but making the conscious choice to not grab a latte when I want one, or eat out as often as a family, it adds up quick.

If giving up coffees and other bad money habits can help my family and I go on a nice vacation, what’s next?

I still have more to learn about being cozy with my personal finances. I’m headed down to Westlake Park tomorrow, Friday February 17th for the Banking Reimagined Tour by Capital One. Can’t make it on Friday? The tour is open on Saturday as well, from 10-6pm

Start a new relationship with money now!


  • Capital One is hitting the road with the Banking Reimagined Tour – a hands-on digital experience to spark new ideas about money and help find strategies for the financial road ahead.
    • It’s a ten city tour designed to give people more confidence in their relationship with their money, you could think of it as financial empowerment on wheels.
  • The centerpiece of the Tour is a state-of-the-art 54-foot trailer housing a smart, personal digital experience that recognizes participants at every stage. The experience includes:

  • Advanced Interactive Touchscreens –allow people to interactively scroll through values and goals, giving them an understanding of how their outlook shapes the way they view their money
  • HoloLens Augmented Reality – a cutting-edge technology that lets people interact with 3D holographic imagery in real space and time, bringing their financial goals to life
  • Video Selfie Booths – participants can record a message for their future selves with the knowledge they’ve gained from the experience
  • The Banking Reimagined Tour is a small taste of the many ways Capital One is rethinking banking and inspiring a new era of financial confidence.

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  1. It’s amazing how much little expenditures can add up! We often try to cut back on eating out when we’re saving for a trip or something!

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