Easy Ideas for Getting Ready For Back to School

We’re headed back to school in less than 3 weeks. I admit, we’ve had a lot of screen time this summer – my kids love the XFINITY Kid Zone for family friendly programming – but now to think about getting ready for back to school! Thanks to XFINITY for sponsoring this conversation!

Back to school means back to routines, getting up for the bus, school and homework and spending more time reading. And less movie watching!

Watching Angry Birds

Much to the kids dismay, it’s time to start out back to school routines of going to bed earlier so we can get up earlier – we’re starting our school day at 7:55am this year due to bell time changes. Last year was 9:40am! That’s a big change for all of us!

A few weeks before school starts, have your child practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning. Start eating breakfast, lunch, and snacks at about the same time they will at school.

Easy Ideas For Getting Ready for Back to School

Make sure everyone is getting enough sleep. There are lots of resources online that can guide you in how much sleep your child needs each night, depending on their age. Make sure your kids are going to bed early enough to get the sleep they need.

Set up breakfast the night before. Even if this just means setting the table or putting the dishes in a stack ready to go. (Because my cat is a jerk and she’ll knock them off.)

Pack Lunches the night before. Repeat after me: the bento box is your friend.

Choose clothes. Set up a few outfits in advance (2-3) and let your kidschoose their outfit in the morning. Involving your child in this decision-making process gives them a little control over their morning routine.

This seems obvious, but get up BEFORE your kids. Like 15-30 minutes before. In a perfect world you’ll be showered, dressed and caffeinated, but I will settle for dressed and caffeinated. Maybe just caffeinated. I’ve never put my kids on the bus while I was still in my jammies ever.

In all seriousness, adults benefit from a regular routine. Having a morning ritual that helps you start your day off well before your kids even wake up will help you too.

Have young readers, or like me, kids on the spectrum? Create a picture chart to help get things done.

Include things like:
Brushing teeth
Combing hair
Washing face
Getting dressed
Eating Breakfast
Putting shoes on
Grab backpack/lunchbox/coat

Have a good afterschool routine too.

Designate a spot where school things like backpacks and lunch boxes always go to so you’re not digging for a backpack while the bus is sitting in front of your house. Make sure kids put them there every day.

For kids that bring work home, establish a time and a place for studying at home, a laptop at the kitchen table is perfect. It allows them to use Comcast’s fast Internet to doing any learning activities or research for school projects.
Speed Test Xfinity
Make sure you’re available to help them, especially with younger kids. You might be doing household chores or cooking dinner, but be around to check in and help them as needed.

It’s okay to have some screen time, and XFINITY X1 makes it easy for them to watch their favorite shows while you still have a say.
You can set up limits and still make it fun. I set up a Reading Bingo chart that all the kids can contribute to so that they can earn screen time together. Making it a sibling effort is a bigger motivator! Click on the chart below to print it out for your personal use. (Please don’t hot link it!)Use this free printable for reading bingo so your kids can earn screen time!
When they’ve completed their chart together, celebrate with a family movie night. X1 from Comcast you can quickly find all the best programming! Smart searches and the voice remote make it really easy to find the movie or show everyone wants to watch, instantly!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of XFINITY. The opinions and text are all mine.

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