Essentials for packing your hospital bag

With my pregnancy with Quincy, I was admitted to the the hospital for pre-clampsia at about 30 weeks. I was not prepared. Spending nearly two weeks before and after pregnancy in a hospital with no clean clothes (not counting scrubs) no hair brush, toothpaste, underwear etc is just not fun. Some friends did come to the rescue, but at first I was STUCK. So I can tell you how important it is to be packing your hospital bag early.

I got super lucky with Edison, and he actually had a smooth delivery. But, even if you’re planning on having a picture perfect delivery, you’ll want to make sure your hospital bag is well stocked and ready, because well, best laid plans don’t always happen.

packing your hospital bag

Essentials for packing your hospital bag.

1. Three copies of the birth plan. One for me, one for L&D and one for the nursery/NICU.

2. SOCKS. Let’s face it, hospitals are cold.

3. Crocs or flipflops. Hospital floors are germ factories and you won’t want to walk on them in bare feet. Ew.

4. A few nursing bras and tanks if you’re planning on breastfeeding.

5. Cotton high waisted underwear. So sexy right? But they are amazing at holding those gigantic pads in place. You’ll need them no matter how you deliver.

6. A zip up hoodie or two. Once the scrubs are gone, hoodies are great for staying warm.

7. Comfy pants you don’t care that will get stained – way better looking than scrubs. I know this first hand. I got sick of scrubs.

8. A big ol bag of gummy bears. They are considered part of a liquid diet so you can have them if your solid foods are restricted and still feel like you’re eating something. Ask your doctor first, but I highly recommend it!

9. Your own toiletries – toothpaste and toothbrush are a given, but take some shower gel too. And maybe your own towel so when you take that first post-delivery shower you can dry off with something larger than a washcloth.

10. Clothing: Something for the baby to wear home from the hospital. Don’t forget a blanket and hat too!
Something for YOU to wear home from the hospital. A nursing friendly top and a pair of yoga pants with a nice big panel.

11.  I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH… You’ll want stool softener. I don’t care HOW you deliver, it does weird things to your body and that first poop is the absolute WORST. Make sure you have DulcoEase® Pink™ in your hossy bag to make it more bearable! It’s an must must must have. Let me tell you, the whole constipation thing after delivery is the no fun at all – even breastfeeding can take it’s toll on you if you aren’t getting enough fluids. I am so so so thankful for DulcoEase® Pink™. Prevents and Relieves constipation, stimulant free, comfortable relief, #1 OB/GYN recommended stool softener ingredient, from the makers of #1 consumer preferred stool softener (chosen over Colace®)

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DulcoEase® Pink™. The opinions and text are all mine.

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