{press release} Exciting news about Zumba!

I fully admit I have not caught up with the Zumba craze. But I know that some of YOU my readers,  have. Which is why I am excited to share this news with you!

Zumba 2

Zumba® Fitness 2 is coming to Wii™ this November! Yeah! I know I’m excited to check it out!

Zumba® Fitness 2, features more than 30 new sizzling dance tracks from the Zumba® program, many created by Grammy-winning artists and producers.  The title gets players moving with Zumba creator Beto and international celebrity instructors Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant as they guide players through exhilarating choreography that spans 20 different international dance styles.  For the first time, players can customize their own class with their favorite routines, follow their improvement through an all new Progress tracker and track calories burned.  Whether playing in Single Song, Full Class or Zumba Party modes that support up to 4 dancers, players will have a blast with this unique dance fitness experience that shapes, tones and transforms their bodies and makes them forget they’re even exercising.

Zumba 2

Be sure to add Zumba® Fitness 2 to your pre-holiday wishlist – you won’t want to miss this one!


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