You’ve survived another school year with your child – soccer games, field trips and field trips. Your kids are starting summer camp, and your breathe a sigh of relief. That is, until they tell you they want a Facebook account to keep in touch with their friends.

You panic, until you remember reading about FaceChipz! FaceChipz was created by parents who were concerned about how, when and where their kids were spending time on the Internet. Our “tweenagers” outgrew the traditional websites for children but weren’t yet ready for the full-fledged, open social networking experience.

How it works is that kids buy the collectible Chipz (called FaceChipz due to the emoticons on each chip). On the back of the chip, which looks and feels like a poker chip, there is a code. Kids sign on, enter their code, then give the chip to a friend. Once the friend registers the same code, the two are linked online. There is no other way possible to be friends. There is no search function, and no fringe friends. I can’t be friends with my friends friends, ect. It is in the physical exchange of chipz that we are able to make sure no child is friends with strangers. Also, after the two friends are linked, the code is considered dead. So if little Sally drops her chip in a playground, and some creepy bad guy picks it up, he can’t use it to be friends with her. Its already dead.

Another great thing about FaceChipz is that your child needs your consent to sign up. Parents enter their credit card number for a ONE TIME $1 authorization fee when your child creates their account. You can even control what they do on the site – whether or not they are allowed to play games, upload photos and more. FaceChipz really takes the steps to make it secure and SAFE!

Your child can sign up for FaceChipz here: http://www.facechipz.com/

Disclaimer: The Maven of Social Media received free product for our review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. The opinion here is our own.

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