My favorite greek yogurt dessert starts with Tillamook

I love yogurt. I grew up eating it for breakfast, snacks and even dessert. I’ve been trying to find ways to make snacks and desserts more healthy, so when Tillamook offered to send me some of the new greek yogurt to try, I was excited. I had plans to try making a delicious greek yogurt dessert.

What I wasn’t counting on is my husband enjoying the yogurt more than I do. And the generous supply that Tillamook sent me dwindled fast. Faster than I could make a dessert. So I restocked. And it disappeared again. Seriously? So last week, I headed to Safeway and picked up another stash of Tillamook greek yogurt, along with fresh strawberries and pound cake. I was determined, to make my greek yogurt dessert without any interference.

I guess you can say it was delicious.

Tillamook greek yogurt dessert with strawberry compote #firsttaste #sponsored

Easy greek yogurt dessert with strawberry compote

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Get a slice of pound cake or shortcake. Layer it with a homemade berry compote then top it with your favorite flavor of Tillamook Greek Yogurt.  Perfect for dessert, or breakfast, or as my toddler prefers, a mid afternoon snack.

The new Farmstyle Greek contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, growth hormones, or high fructose corn syrup. It also features locally sourced fruit and nuts from the Pacific Northwest as well as buttermilk cultures for a less tart taste. Some of our favorite flavors include Oregon Blueberry, Honey Peach, Oregon Strawberry and plain ol’ French Vanilla.

How do you eat your Tillamook Greek Yogurt?

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  1. I haven’t Tried Tillamook greek yogurt yet. I usually add cocoa powder whenever I eat greek yogurt.

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