Fun with Flavors: The Little Chefs E-book is now live!

For the past few months, I’ve been involved in this fun project with The Motherhood for Chef Boyardee. One of the things I’ve been working on is collaborating with other bloggers on an E-book! Groups of us were assigned different topics or chapters to contribute to.

My topic? Fun with Flavors. It was the perfect fit. I like to cook, my kids like to eat, so it was really win win.

Considering both of my kids had Mango Curry at our favorite Indian restaurant as their first solid food, experimenting with foods and flavors really isn’t an issue in our house. It makes it a lot of fun because I can take risks. I don’t have to hide broccoli in smoothies (although it’s an easy way to add nutrition) or carrot puree in my macaroni and cheese.

Ways to have fun with flavors

*Don’t assume kids don’t like spicy. Remember that spicy doesn’t mean hot and sometimes kids like a little oomph! My kids love curry. Try sprinkling some cumin or turmeric on French fries!

*Dip! Dip! Dip! Get creative! Want your kids to try a new fruit or vegetable? Let them dip it into something they love. Or vice versa, make a dip with beans and seasonings and let them dip their beloved carrots in them. My daughter loves mint chutney. Really!

Little Chefs E-book

Are you looking for ideas to cook with your kids? Desperate to get them to try new things? Just want to try a new tip or recipe? See what these amazing bloggers have to say in the new Little Chefs E-book! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!

Disclosure: I am writing this post as part of a paid campaign for The Motherhood. All of the opinions here are my own.

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