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“Let’s Final It!” –  Three magical words when a shot is approved. But do you know what it takes to get there?

On my visit to Pixar in April, I learned about a very important piece of animation. Without it, animated films would not be what they are.


A daily is an animation meeting when the animators and directors meet to show work in progress. Dailies are a collaborative effort. EVERYONE can give input even though the director still makes the final decisions.

A typical daily was an hour each morning. There might be 2 people present or there might be as many as 50.

Things they might discuss in dailies are changing the timing of a scene, where a hand is placed or positioning the eyes. You might not think that makes a big impact, but think again. How does our body language convey emotion?

Adjustments are “easy” during dailies. Animators can sketch with a “virtual tracing paper” during the scene to make adjustments and changes.


During the Inside Out dailies, the director was so expressive that the sketch artist used a mirror to capture the movements and use those movements in the sketch notes. Isn’t that cool? They don’t want the dailies to be silent, they want to see and hear reactions. – It’s about emotions, just like Inside Out.

Animators get their inspiration from so many places!
*Acting out scenes on their own
*Watching footage of voice actors and their expressions
*Watching other work of the voice actors for their expressions and body language


The subtle changes animators make during the dailies can make a large impact on the final product. The goal of a daily is to get through 20 shots in a session. After that, the goal is for each animator to complete 3 seconds each week. When you think about how long the average animated film is, it’s a lot of work to get to “Let’s Final It!” isn’t it?


Dailies for Inside Out took about 1 and a half years, typically animated films take one year.

Inside Out opens nationwide on June 19th!

Keep your emotions in check (or don’t, that’s okay too!) and I’ll see you there!

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