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Follow these tips on cleaning your closet

Let’s start with I’m not going to ask ANYONE to capsule their wardrobe. In theory, it’s a fabulous idea to work each seasonable wardrobe around 33 pieces of clothing, but for me, it’s just not real life. First off, I’m a mom, second, I have like 33 pairs of leggings alone. I’m also not going to ask you to make tidy little folds with your t-shirts. Honestly, your t-shirt drawer is your business. I am going to share some things that will help you with cleaning your closet.

It’s good to go through your closets at least twice a year and make some decisions, whether it’s getting rid of an old college sweatshirt or treating yourself to a new bra.

Here are some tips on cleaning your closet that I hope you find useful.

Assess your wardrobe.

You’re allowed to keep: Things you wear all the time that are still in good condition, a fancy cocktail dress or two, your grandmother’s Chanel flats, on trend pieces that add a splash to your wardrobe.

Say goodbye to anything that doesn’t fit, you didn’t wear last season, that’s out of style or is from your early college days. Have something that’s had tags for 6 months? You aren’t going to wear it. Same with items that are beyond repair!

Store away out of season clothes.
Put out of season clothes in spare closets or in containers underneath beds. If you have pretty suitcases you can stack up and repurpose as a table, that’s a great way to store extra clothes. If you choose to keep your clothes in the basement or attic, make sure that the containers are sealed well and you put some putting pieces of chalk into a small cloth bag – it will help keep the clothes dry.

Stressed about cleaning your closet?
Invite a few girl friends over and have a clothing swap. Everyone leaves with a few new to them items and you’ve refreshed your wardrobe without a trip to the mall! This is an awesome way to get new accessories!

Donate what’s useable.
Clothing that’s not stained or torn can be donated. Business dress that is still in fashion can be donated to a number of organizations that collect clothing for interviews and employment. Another great resource for clothing donation is your neighborhood Buy Nothing group. Anything beyond repair goes straight to the trash.

Get rid of bulky hangers.
You’re not doing yourself any favors having bulky plastic hanger. Invest in slender velvet hangers; They are fabulous for camisoles and dresses, and let’s face it, your collection of LuLaRoe tops. The closet I share with my husband is TINY, and I need all the extra space I can get, because he takes up more of it than I do, so I love my skinny hangers!

Make a shared closet space work by swapping out your hangers

Do you really need eleventy-billion pairs of shoes or purses?
I’ll be the first to admit I have a red shoe problem, but I also know I wear the same few pairs of shoes over and over again. As much as I love some of the shoes I have, I just don’t wear them. They are fabulous shoes, they deserve to be worn. I’m not alone in this. Extra shoes can all go away. Pair down your handbag collection too. I’m so guilty of this. I have WAY too many purses. It’s a little better now that purse doesn’t equal diaper bag, but it’s still a challenge! Limiting your purse collection means more closet space for other things.

Cleaning your closet? Don't forget about purse organization?

Put things back.
There are a number of strategies to how you put things BACK in your closet. Some people put their hangers in backwards, others use a clothing divider and once they’ve worn something, it goes on the other side How you put things back depends on YOU. Whether your organize your closet by work and play, or by color, find the system that works for you.

Organize your closet with dollar store bins

Don’t leave the lingerie drawer unattended.
Bras and underwear are the foundation of your day. You want to feel good about what you’re wearing underneath your clothes. If you have bras and underwear that have seen better days. Get rid of them. You’ll feel better about opening your lingerie drawer once you do!

After years of breastfeeding, many of my bras have seen better days. I’m so used to the comfort of nursing bras, I wasn’t ready to go back to the structured lacy underwire bras of my college days. Sure, they have their place, just not as an everyday unmentionable.

Hanes Oh So Light Bra and cool comfort panties

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