Get Organized, Get Clipix

I’ve given up on stacks of magazines with house ideas, recipes, hairstyles I want to try, clothing I wish I had… it’s clutter and to be honest, I never look at it again.

Then I moved to bookmarks. Let’s be honest, that didn’t work either.

THEN, just recently, i heard about clipix

Clipix is a really cool Internet bulletin board that let’s me organize all of my “clippings” I can choose to keep them private, share with friends or everyone.

In addition to the endless clipboards you can create for yourself, you can also create two other boards, Syncboards and Mulitboards.  Syncboards allow you to clip collaboratively with your friends or family. When anyone adds a clip to the syncboard, everyone else you collaborate with will see it in real-time.  Multiboards all you to group multiple clipboards by category to stay better organized. Pretty cool huh? Not to mention flexible.

Here video that shows how cool Clipix is:


I think I will primarily use Clipix for food inspirations for my new foodie website, Trio of Tastebuds. It will be a great place to keep it all in one place, plus, my business partner and contributors can access it too. It’s win win win! Here is one of my clipboards to give you an idea of what they look like. 

<img src=””>

There is even a Clipix app, for clipping on the go (oh that could be DANGEROUS!) Just don’t clip and drive. HEHE.

Check out Clipix, and sign up today! if you do, let me know so we can become Clipix friends! If you notice in my screenshot above, I don’t have any Clipix friends yet, how sad. Maybe you will be my first!

Just for fun comment below and let me know what you would use Clipix for!

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