Getting ready for Summer School with the help of Mabel’s Labels

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Summer School. Sort of. With the school year wrapping up a lot of kids are heading to summer camps. Some of these are day camps, some overnights. Sebby is headed to “Extended School Year or ESY” for the 3rd year in a row.

Don’t worry, he’s not going because he skipped classes or is falling behind. ESY is a boost for special needs kids like him to keep learning during the summer. It helps him keep his routine going which is really important for kids with Autism.

In some ways, this mini summer school is a little like summer camp. In addition to classroom activities, they spend some time outside too, which is pretty great and gives the kids some much needed outdoor time.

Each day, Sebby’s backpack is loaded with a list of essentials his teacher sends home.

Usually the summer school list looks something like this:
Lunch bag
Water bottle
Change of clothes

and a few other things.

All ready for summer school with the help of Mabel's Labels #ICCAMPMABEL, #IC  #ad

But like summer camp, things tend to disappear. And since it’s not Sebby’s teacher he’s had all school year, they might not recall that the Lightening McQueen water bottle is his and not Johnny’s. Which means I’m buying more water bottles. Because the someone (ahem, me) didn’t put his name on it that first year. Now, I’m not blaming “Johnny” for this at all. In all reality, Lightening McQueen was probably abandoned somewhere on a playground bench during recess.

This year however, I am prepared. First, I don’t have a sought after Lightening McQueen bottle, so it’s already unlikely someone is going to mistake it for their own. BUT I also got smart. I ordered the Limited Edition Camp Label Pack from Mabel’s Labels.

Everything from Sebby’s water bottle to his lunch bag, his lunch bag, sunscreen, jacket – it’s all getting labeled. These labels are NOTHING like the ones from my own summer camp days. They STICK.Even in the shoes. Even when they’re run through the wash. They are laundry, dishwasher & microwave-safe and 100% guaranteed.They are not going anywhere. Can you say AWESOME?

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Mabels Labels Camp Combo

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