GhostBed Unboxing Video and Review

The legal stuff: We received a GhostBed to facililate this review and film a video. This post contains affiliate links. All experiences and opinions are our own and may differ than yours.
The GhostBed memory foam mattress, sent right to your door and set up in minutes.We’ve been sleeping on what I refer to as a college bed since before we got married. Not that there is anything wrong with a metal frame from a Swedish big box store and the accompanying foam mattress, but since we’re nearing our 10 year anniversary next year, it’s time for an upgrade. We’d been exploring the idea of new memory foam mattress and a new “grown-up bed” when the folks at GhostBed reached out to me and asked if we might like to review one.

Why not? An upgrade is welcome AND it motivates us to take the leap to a new bed frame too.

One of the hassles of a traditional spring mattress is just getting it home. Even with a delivery service. But the GhostBed comes right to your door, even the solid wood foundation (which they send as a kit) comes in a relatively flat, yet long box. Which is pretty much my definition of easy.
I may have ignored the advice to have help putting together the (queen-sized) foundation, and I may have used a ratchet screwdriver which made assembly take a little longer, but relatively speaking, it went together easily in about an hour. And I did it all by myself. #FistBump

How long did it take to set up the mattress of the GhostBed? 6 minutes and 10 seconds. From the time we got ready to CAREFULLY cut open the box to crashing out on our new bed, that’s how long it took. Check out our time-lapsed video (sped up x4) and you can see how easy it was. Even with Nixie video-bombing us when we first got started.

6 minutes you guys. It takes me longer than that to MAKE the bed.

I’ll confess that my husband was apprehensive about sleeping on the GhostBed. He has chronic pain and was worried about giving up our old (inferior) mattress because he grown accustomed to sleeping on it. But when he woke up after that first nights sleep on our GhostBed memory foam mattress with 11 Inches of high tech advanced memory foam, he felt really good.We’ve been sleeping our GhostBed for about a month now, and sleep has been bliss. I fall asleep faster, we aren’t waking up a million times and I don’t notice when he gets up in the morning (almost 3 hours before I do).

The GhostBed memory foam mattress, delivered right to your door and set up in minutes. {ad}

I feel good about saying if you’ve been looking for a new mattress you should consider a GhostBed. For a limited time, you can save $50 off of ANY size mattress, and you won’t pay for shipping either! What do you have to lose? You’ll get a free 101 day trial, but I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with your new memory foam mattress before then. Ordering is easy peasy, and your new mattress will ship within 24 hours!

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