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The other day I was going through a bag of blog goodies, and I found a diaper I had received as swag at the Haute Green party at BlogHer last year still in it’s happy little wrapper.

In my hands was a GoGreen Pocket Diaper in Cherry Champ®.

cloth diapers


Not familiar with GoGreen? Here’s some information on them:

GoGreen Diapers makes cloth diapering easy!

With dual pocket openings, “stuffing” the Champ™ is a breeze. Simply reach in and pull the insert through! No fussing with bunched or twisted inserts. When it’s time to wash, no need to remove those soiled inserts – the dual pocket openings allow inserts to self-agitate out during the wash cycle. Spend less time sorting laundry with the Champ™ thanks to the snap-in 3-layer ultra-absorbent microfiber insert (included), which can be used to keep the insert attached to the diaper.

Unbeatable fit and containment.

No other cloth diaper on the market combines as many features as the Champ™ to provide flexibility in diaper fit. A generously-sized diaper to begin with, the Champ™ features a total of 4 snap-down rise settings to provide true birth (7 lb) to potty (40+ lb) fit. Two rows of waist snaps allow waist and leg openings to be adjusted independently, ensuring a secure fit on chunky-thighed toddlers and skinny-legged newborns alike! Additionally, hip snaps are included to prevent “wing droop,” and crossover snaps allow waist tabs to be overlapped for a newborn size setting – and also make for secure and tidy storage of soiled diapers on-the-go! Dual Gussets™ Technology provides a double barrier against leaks, a fantastic feature for parents and babies alike.

cloth diapers

Now, one would say that I have enough diapers to well, diaper a whole mess of babies, so this one is going to a new home, but if you’re looking for a new diaper to try, check out GoGreen!

Disclosure: I received this item as a swag gift and was under no obligation to write this post. No compensation was received. I have not tried the product and make no claims.

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