Golden Raisin and Maple Overnight Oatmeal

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Overnight Oatmeal is easy!#sponsored

Oatmeal is the ultimate comfort food. I was raised on oatmeal for breakfast. Back when I was a kid it was quick oats on the stove top. Don’t get me wrong, quick oats are good, but my real love know that I am all grown up are steel cut oats. They’re better for you too.

So I took them to the next level. Overnight oatmeal with steel cut oats.

A weekend overnight resulted in the most creamy oatmeal I’ve ever had.It’s easy to make overnight oatmeal in a rice cooker. I’ve made it before in jars in a water oven, but I found with my family, I like to let the kids take as much as they want. It’s still fun to serve it in jars though!

Golden Raisin and Maple Overnight Oatmeal

1 cup steel cut oats
4 cups water
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup golden raisins
2-3 tbsp maple syrup

For after it’s cooked, for each serving:
1 tbsp golden raisins
2-3 tbsp chopped apples
2-3 tbsp chopped walnuts
1/4 cup milk if desired


Combine oats, water, golden raisins and maple syrup in your rice cooker. Set your delay start timer for at least 7 hours, or overnight. Then heat/simmer for about 10 minutes.

Serve in canning jars with toppings. If you’d like, you can prepare jars for later in the week too, just wait to add in your toppings.

**I would not use dairy products in this recipe as milk shouldn’t sit out overnight. I haven’t tried it with shelf stable dairy or non dairy products **

Hamilton Beach Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker

I used a Hamilton Beach 4-20 Cup Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker to make my oatmeal. As a Hamilton Beach ambassador, I’m giving the opportunity to check out different appliances in my kitchen, and until this fall, it never dawned on me I could use a rice cooker for something else than you know, rice.

4-20 cup cooked rice capacity – 2-10 cup uncooked rice capacity
With rice rinser/steam basket
Great for oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat
Delay start makes breakfast and meal planning easier
Use your own recipe or packaged pasta & rice mixes
Automatically shifts to warm after cooking
White rice: cooks all varieties of white rice, including short- and long-grain rice
Quick rice: great for preparing rice in a hurry
Whole grain: for brown rice, farro, quinoa, and other whole grains
Keep warm: illuminates when cooking is complete
Delay start: prepare for cooking up to 15 hours in advance
Heat/simmer: use this function for flavored pasta and rice mixes, beans, soups, and one-pot meals
Steam cook: vegetables, meats, fish, and more
Hot cereals: great for oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat

Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker

I confess, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m pretty excited about trying to steam fish too! Have you done that?

For now though. Oatmeal. And maybe I’ll try rice pudding again. The first attempt was a disaster. What I did learn though, was how easy the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is when there is a milk and rice boil over!


What do you like to cook in your rice cooker?

You'll love this easy overnight oatmeal!

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