Goodies Co is a great Mother’s Day Gift

Thanks to Goodies Co. for sponsoring today’s discussion about choosing the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

I think we all have women in our life that have been great mothers to us.  Whether it’s been my Mom, my MIL or sometimes a friend’s mom, it’s important to remember to say thank you. And sometimes’s that’s with a Mother’s Day gift. Since I’m a mom now too I usually send my mom and MIL a thank you with photos of the grandkids. It’s a simple way to show appreciation and they get to see the kids grow up. It’s win win right?

It might be time to change things up a bit! I recently heard about Goodies Co. and think it might be a great way to say thank you to mom.
mother's day gift

Why is Goodies Co. a great Mother’s Day gift?

Subscribers to the Goodies Co. Taster’s Box receive a monthly box of 5-8 snacks for $7/month (includes shipping). Customers are asked to review products they’ve received, and can accumulate points to redeem for a free Taster’s Box and other rewards. Since trying new snacks can be risky and time-consuming, the Goodies Co. Taster’s Box gives everyone a chance to discover their tastes.


More importantly, because it’s a monthly subscription, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, so you can say thank you to Mom again and again. She’ll have a special treat to look forward to each month and she’ll love that you’ve remembered her!

mother's day gift

Sending the perfect Mother’s Day gift from Goodies Co is easy!

1. Go to the Goodies Gifting page and select a plan {3 months, 6 months, or 12 months} by clicking on the corresponding button.
2. Enter the gift recipient and gift giver details.
3. Enter the gift recipient’s mailing address (please note: this is where they will receive the monthly boxes)
4. Enter the gift giver’s billing information.
5. Review order details and click on “place order”.

See how easy that is?

What are you giving your mom for Mother’s Day?

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Goodies Co.

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  1. Great gift idea! New follower on Twitter!

  2. I wasn’t able to give anything this Mother’s Day, but I will be bookmarking this for the future. It looks super easy and convenient. Not to mention I want to send one to myself! 🙂

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