Goodies I’m trying while I’m at the ABC Kids Expo

Thanks to some very generous sponsors, I have some great goodies to test out while “on the road” at ABC. Don’t worry, when I get back from Las Vegas, I’m going to give each one their own individual shout out, but for now, they are just getting some props in this post.

My first dilemma was where my kiddos were going to sleep. I am a mama to a very cute preemie daughter, who even at 14 weeks old is barely tipping the scales at 8 pounds 7 ounces (she started at 2lb14oz). Summer Infant graciously sent me their Rest Assured Sleeper that I can use in our bed and know she’s close, safe and secure.

I still had my 2 1/2 year old son to think about. He’s pretty much to big for a pac n play.

It’s not that he’s TOO BIG, it’s that he’s smart enough to figure out how to get out – so it’s a fall hazard.

Lucky for him, he has a brand new PeaPod tent from Kidco to try out. I’ll have you know, when the PeaPod arrived we didn’t even have it out of the box and assembled for more than maybe 45 seconds and he was in it.

Sleeping arrangements… check.

Now onto other things – transportation. I don’t know about you, but I am just leary of trusting my stroller to gate check. Not to mention bringing a double isn’t practical since I won’t always have both kids with me. Kerry (great name, eh?) at Go-Go Babyz sent us a Go-Go Kidz Travelmate for my son’s carseat. This little contraption turns a convertible carseat into a stroller. So cool!

As far as my daughter, right now I am just going to be wearing her in a carrier ( I can’t make up my mind which one(s) to take) I am hoping to borrow a carseat compatible stroller from one of my favorite clients when I get to Las Vegas, so keep your fingers crossed.

By the end of next week, I am sure I’ll have lots more to tell you about, but right now, with the exception of wheels for Little Miss, things are looking good.

This is a sponsored post. All of the above products were donated to me for the purpose of review. I have not been monetarily compensated.

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