Got iPhone? @GetUncommon. {review + discount}

During the weeks before BlogHer 11, I’d been telling my husband I wanted to replace my iPhone case. It was time. My old case was scratched and dented. (Yes dented) plus, being a dark grey it was darn near impossible to find in the bottom of my bag. Even the smallest bag. I kid you not.

So when I spied my friend Cristi’s iPhone case during an afternoon pre-BlogHer shopping, I wanted to know WHERE she got it…

The answer? Uncommon.

I immediately geeked out over Uncommon’s exclusive printing process that embeds your image or art of choice deep into the case’s surface A 3D TATT™ (Likely the only Tat I will ever have…). No fading, no chipping, no peeling. Awesomesauce.

At BlogHer 11 I got lots of compliments on my snazzy new cover with blog logo – it’s not hard to see why – it looks really cool. There was no question the phone was mine (because EVERYONE seems to have iPhones) with my red shoes emblazoned on the back of my phone.

get uncommon

My awesome, fadeproof custmized iPhone case

You can customize cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch, and the iPad is in the works. I am seriously considering a case for Sebby’s iTouch – I know he would LOVE it. And like my iPhone, a brightly colored case with his favorite Piston Cup racer on it would make it easy to spot. Whether it’s your business logo, your favorite picture or custom artwork on the UnCommon website, you can pick the design that suits your fancy.

If you’d like your own Uncommon case, I happen to have a stack of 20% OFF codes to give away.  If you want one, just comment on this blog post and I’ll contact you with the info. (But be quick, I have a limited # of codes.)


One of these 20% off codes could be yours!

If you’d like more info check out their web site at or visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @getuncommon

Disclaimer: UnCommon was kind enough to send me my very own iPhone case after I gushed to them how much I LOVED Cristi’s. They did not monetarily compensate me for this post, it’s all my own love and opinions.

PS… my UnCommon case image was designed by the lovely Colleen of She’s awesome. She is also the genius behind my banner, button and other graphic love on this site. Need a graphic designer? She is your gal.

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  1. hii, this is highly unlikely but was wondering if you still have any of the coupons? would appreciate it so much to have one !! xxx

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