Got SodaStream?

We don’t buy soda much in this house, and over the past few weeks we’ve been able to cross it off our list entirely. It’s not because we’ve given up soda, but because a SodaStream has come to live at our house.

Let’s just say that the SodaStream is a really neat kitchen gadget. It’s really really cool. Whether you want a root beer, sparkling tea or tonic water for your vodka, your SodaStream does it all. And it’s so easy.

No fancy ingredients, just cold tap water and the SodaStream syrup of your choice. Well, and a charged carbonater bottle for your fizz. You can literally have a glass of refreshing (homemade) soda in under 5 minutes.

It’s really that simple.

First I filled my SodaSteam bottle with cold water to right below the fill line and screwed it onto the SodaStream maker.

Step 1...

Then I pushed on the button on the top of the SodaStream a few times. I was making cola so according to the directions I pushed the button until I heard 6 buttons so I’d have lots of extra fizz.

Step 2...

I removed the now carbonated water off the SodaStream and measured out the cola syrup. I tilted the bottle and slowly poured the syrup in according to the instructions. But not slowly enough apparently, because it bubbled over like crazy. Whoops. I don’t have three hands, so sorry, no video footage of this little mishap.

Step 3...

It wasn’t a complete disaster though, because I now have a bottle of homemade cola all ready to enjoy, thanks to my SodaStream!

Step 4...

Pretty cool right? It’s not as sweet as store bought cola and that’s okay. I also like that it’s sweetened with cane sugar, not HFCS. That’s a win in my book. SodaStream has an amazing array of syrups to make the carbonated beverage of your choice. I’m a little disappointed that the Root Beer syrup uses Splenda as a sweetener, even in the non-diet blend, but that’s not a deal breaker, as there are lots of other choices!

I’m definitely adding extra SodaStream bottles and carbonators to my Holiday Wish List!

If you want to see the SodaStream in action, you can check out the YouTube video below.

Disclaimer: I was provided a SodaStream in exchange for this post, I received no other compensation and the opinions here are my own.

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Kerri Jablonski AKA The Maven lives in Seattle,WA with her 3 kids (2008, 2010, 2013), husband, cats and backyard chickens. Two of her children have special needs. Kerri enjoys cooking, travel, movies and spending time with her family.


  1. We seriously love our SodaStream! It is amazing. Great review!

  2. I love my soda stream. We use it all the time and it’s definitely cheaper than buying soda out!

  3. Vanessa Kowalski says:

    Do any of you that currently own a soda stream know if one could make their own mixes as well as use their syrups? I would love to experiment on my own using fruit juices and such. This sounds like it would be fun to play with.

  4. I want a Soda Stream!!!! Do they make sugar free syrups besides Root Beer? I like my Diet Coke, Diet pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper.

  5. Kayla Hofling says:

    This is so cool, I need to get one for my grandmother.

  6. I keep seeing the Soda Stream at Costco and am so tempted to buy it. I’ve already told the husband that if he doesn’t have a gift for me for Christmas then I want it. I love that you can make any beverage carbonated, not just soda. My son would love carbonated apple juice.

  7. katrina chessari says:

    I love my Soda Stream, I like their natural syrups much better. But they’re much pricier too.

    And yes you can add anything you want to it since it gets added after you carbonate the water.

  8. Jayne Townsley says:

    Every time I catch a giveaway for this, I enter. This and a Keurig are high on my list of wants.

  9. We drink a LOT of soda at our house (well, Mommy and Daddy do, at least) so it would be nice to find a way to save money!! This sounds like a fun machine to have!!


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