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You’d never know it was summer in Seattle, BECAUSE IT KEEPS RAINING! Do you know how hard it is to have people over to grill when it’s raining? Yeah. not gonna happen. Booo!

Two weeks ago the skies parted long enough for us to take advantage of some amazing McCormicks Grill Seasonings and fire up the grill. As you can see, we have quite the collection from McCormick’s Grill Mates.

 McCormick Grill Mates®

We’re HUGE fans of their Montreal Steak rub (notice the one bottle is nearly empty), so I was excited to try the NEW Molasses Bacon seasonings with the pineapple burger recipe they sent me. Aside from it being REALLY messy to assemble (hint drain drain drain that pinapple before mixing with your meat)

With the skies parted, we threw the burgers on the grill while we could…

 McCormick Grill Mates®

They were a little tricky to flip (remember what I said about the too much pineapple juice, but don’t they look amazing?

 McCormick Grill Mates®

Of the grill and almost ready for their pineapple aoili. Pineapple aoili is so so easy. It’s pineapple and mayonnaise and a little Molasses and Bacon seasoning from McCormick Grill Mates® .

 McCormick Grill Mates®

 We paired our burgers with some Limon Lay’s Potato Chips  Their tang was the perfect combination.

So, boo to the rain, but once summer really hits in Seattle, we’ll be ready with the perfect burger thanks to  McCormick Grill Mates® !

I wrote this post as part of a Sample & Share Party with Thanks to McCormick Grill Mates® for providing me with samples. The opinions here are my own and no other other compensation was received.

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