Group Gift Giving made easy with ZiftIt

We’ve all done it, contributed to the pot for a group gift. A coffee can, an envelope or a fish bowl. Everyone chips in to buy a gift that they hope the recipient might want. Not only is collecting the money a hassle, but then there’s the guessing.

Or maybe your family is asking you what they should get for your son or daughter for their birthday, graduation or Christmas. Sometimes that one toy they are coveting is out of any realistic price range to ask someone to buy. And it’s not like they can contribute to the office envelope.

Easy group gift buying and gifting

Your group gift giving is about to change. Welcome to ZiftIt.

Ziftit was designed to make the shopping process enjoyable and easy while eliminating the guesswork out of gift giving – which means no more weird office gifts or strange plastic toys! Hooray!

Ziftit allows you to create an event (like a birthday) and link a list of gifts to them. THEN, the members can share their Zift (Gift) List of desired items with their loved ones through Facebook, Twitter, and email. People can contribute to the gifts on the list however they’d like – whether it’s just few dollars or funding a whole gift!

My daughter Quincy just had a birthday so I created a list for her to give Ziftit a try. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to create a list of her wishes and make it the group gift giving process easy. And it was. Ziftit accesses hundreds if not thousands of online stores for the gifts you’re searching for. Since Quincy is just getting into dress up, I added an adorable stuffed kitty and purse to her Ziftit list. It was only a matter of time before it was funded and the gift was able to be purchased.

group gift


Ziftit makes group gift giving secure too! Your gift list is secured by a PIN so once it’s funded you have to enter it so you can buy your gift. Ziftit takes you to the store website where you get the total amount due, and when Ziftit prompts you, you simply enter it into their system and they generate a one use gift card for you for the amount. How cool is that!?!?

Ziftit Card

Something else that’s really awesome that I discovered? Quincy’s gift on Zifit was on – which meant I could also take advantage of my Amazon Prime shipping! So awesome! Even better? I received her gift the next day (and I didn’t even pay for one day shipping!) because it must have been in their local warehouse.

The result? A very happy girl thanks to Ziftit!

Ziftit Kitty

I’m definitely going to keep Ziftit in mind for next time we need to buy a group gift. I also think it would be a great way to have family and friends help fund a larger gift for the kids – people can contribute what they feel comfortable with and the kids get something they can use. I guess I need to see if Ziftit has swing sets, right?

Other super cool things about Ziftit:

This past Christmas, Ziftit provided 1,000 gifts to children and families displaced by Hurricane Sandy

Ziftit is now reaching out to residence of Moore, OK – anyone (members and non-members) can visit Ziftit and purchase gifts for families affected by the tornado

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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