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Another favorite brand of ours is Little Partners. Let’s be honest here, the Learning Tower is genius. What’s not to love? It GROWS with your child. The Learning Tower is the ONLY safety stool rated by the manufacturer for children as young as 18 months, and your child will continue to use it for another 5 years!

Learning Tower

The Little Partners Learning Tower is a tool that can serve your child for years, helping with everything from parental bonding to increasing self-esteem and knowledge through participation and practice. Although, the Learning Tower’s main purpose is to bring young toddlers to countertop height in the kitchen, its potential uses extend far beyond the kitchen. In fact, the more ways you can use it, the better.

Disclaimer: Little Partners is a sponsor of our Holiday Gift Guide Radio Show with Rebecca Michi We have a partnership with Little Partners and may receive compensation for content. The opinions here are our own.

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  1. this looks great for toddlelrs

  2. Shanon Lessard says:

    So cool! Never seen anything like it!!

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