Guy Approved Easter Basket (for less than $30)

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Easter is right around the corner, and while putting together Easter baskets for the kids is easy, it’s a little more challenging to figure out a guy approved Easter basket. Now, obviously it’s going to depend on the guy, but it’s hard to go wrong with an Easter basket full of emergency essentials. Forget the bunny basket with plastic eggs and chocolate rabbits.

The perfect Guy Approved Easter Basket

I confess, I consulted my guy while building this basket. We talked about the things he always liked to have on hand “in case everything goes south” and it comes down to water, shelter, fire, and of course, food. We found a cool water resistant box and proceeded to load it up with an emergency blanket, paracord (which can also be used as tinder), magnesium fire starter, utensils (mostly because we found his favorites for camping) and obviously boxes of Slim Jim. The best part? We did it for under $30. I know for sure the Easter baskets for the kids are going to cost me way more than that! (side note, be sure to add a pocket knife or leatherman to your man’s Easter basket if he doesn’t have one!) The perfect Easter Basket for men.

Camping supplies not your guys thing? What about a pampering set with his favorite shave cream, razors and maybe some new t-shirts. Don’t forget the Slim Jims! The Slim Jim 26-Pack in Original or Mild is the perfect tasty meat snack to give your guys Easter basket the bold boost it deserves.

Check out the low prices at Walmart to put together the Easter basket your man will love.

Slim Jims at Walmart

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