Have you heard about shelf safe milk?

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My first experiences with shelf-safe milk are from 1998, on a 10 day camping trip on the Appalachian Trail. A lot has changed since then, well, at least the flavor. Back then… meh. Now, not so bad. Now I love tossing some single serve shelf safe milk into my diaper bag to help insure my kids have healthier drinking choices when we’re on the go. And maybe sometimes when we are at home too.

In a nutshell, it’s made things easier. We always have the option of milk when we’re out in about. We keep some in our emergency kit too, just in case – if the power goes out the shelf safe milk won’t spoil!

Now if only I could keep Quincy from shoving her straw into the container so she can’t drink from it!

shelf safe milk

What’s so awesome about shelf safe milk anyway?

It’s tasty.

It’s the same nutritional profile as refrigerated milk

You can cook with it! Just like “regular” milk.

It has a shelf life of 6-9 months (unopened).

It’s preservative free (really, it is!)

The packaging is recylcable (in most areas) http://www.recyclecartons.com/

How does it work?

Shelf safe milk has been pasteurized at an Ultra High Temperature (UHT) ( temperatures from 275-284°F for only three seconds)for a shorter time, to preserve taste and nutrition and then passes through heating and cooling stages in quick succession.Then, the milk is immediately put into a sterile, opaque Tetra Pak shelf-safe carton that keeps out light, air and harmful contaminants. Worried about BPA? We all are! The Tetra Pak packaging is 70% paper; aluminum foil is used to keep out oxygen and prevent spoiling;  a thin layer of plastic is BPA-free!

Where do I find shelf safe milk?

Many stores carry shelf safe milk in a variety of sizes and options, including organic, nutritionally enhanced and flavored milks.You can sometimes find it near the refrigerated section, but all stores are different. You can also find shelf safe milk on Amazon.com

Here is a list of shelf safe milk brands

If you cannot find shelf safe milk, you can fill out a product request form to submit to your grocery store

Shelf Safe Milk resources

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  1. Yes, def agree – shelf-save milk taste has greatly improved over the years. I keep it on hand for storm caused power outages. A can of (sugar-free) instant chocolate flavored powder on the shelf, too pretty much guarantees the kids will actually drink it!

  2. My son loves milk. I buy a shelf safe milk for his school lunch

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