Healthy Dental Habits for Kids

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Healthy Dental Habits for Kids #Sponsored #MC

Getting kids started on healthy dental habits can be overwhelming. But you can take it one step at a time and create lifetime heroic habits for your children.

Find a Dentist
Don’t just find a dentist, find a pediatric dentist. If you have children that are fearful of new places, see if you can schedule a visit without an exam just so they can check out the office.

Visit the Dentist
Take your child to the dentist when that first tooth starts to poke through. At that time you can set up a care routine with your dentist – but you will want to take them twice a year. Children with problematic teeth or more special dental needs may need to be seen more often.

Care Habits
Dental care begins before that first tooth appears! Make sure to wipe down your baby’s guns with a soft damp cloth for the first few months.

Keep tooth care fun! There are different toothbrushes, flosses and even oral rinses depending on the age of your child (and you too) Toothbrushes should fit comfortably in your child’s mouth, and may even help teething infants feel better!

It is okay to use the floss piks on kids too. Some pics have different characters on the handle to make them fun! Set an example by letting your kids watch you floss your own teeth with LISTERINE FLOSS.

You can also use a dental rinse like LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE GENTLE Rinse though not until children are old enough to swish and spit without swallowing. A good swish is a great idea after they’ve eaten munched on a snack.

LISTERINE POCKETPACS are a great way to have older kids boost their breath and help fight any germs that might be lingering too!

Get Involved
Whenever they have a meal, the teeth get brushed, before anything else happens. Make it a routine, every time, so it happens naturally. You will need to follow up on brushing and flossing until your child is about ten years old. The recommended time for brushing is two minutes. You can use sand timers and timed tooth brushes to help children brush long enough.

To reinforce positive behavior using sticker charts or other checklists. For young children, think about books and videos with favorite characters brushing their teeth to make it fun for them.

My family uses a variety of LISTERINE products in our dental care routine. My husband and I like the dental rinses the best, but we’re getting our kids on board too, and teaching them Heroic Habits when it comes to taking care of our teeth.

LISTERINE has a fun YouTube page too with their Healthy Habit Heroes video series.

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