Help avoid medical debt with Aflac.

Even with insurance, out of pocket medical expenses can add up and lead to medical debt. Aflac can help cover those costs. This post is brought to you by Aflac on behalf of Mom Central.

While your medical insurance may cover your major costs when you are hurt or sick, it doesn’t cover the copays, the missed days from work or your mortgage. When you’re factoring in your budget to pay your premiums each month, are you factoring in the real costs if something does happen?

We’ve faced some pretty crazy medical bills – some of them Aflac doesn’t cover (pregnancy complications) but other times Aflac would have come in handy – a broken arm, an unexpected surgery. Luckily we were able to budget out the extra expenses over time, but I’m pretty realistic in the fact that next time we might not be so lucky, especially after looking at the Real Cost Calculator and seeing just how much a broken leg could cost my family AFTER our major medical insurance covers “their share” – the result? Lots of medical debt and more.

What is Aflac?

Aflac is insurance for daily living. It pays cash benefits directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help with daily expenses when you’re sick or hurt. The benefits are pre-determined and paid regardless of any other insurance you have.

The Aflac Real Cost Calculator (RCC) is an illustrative, interactive tool that shows the average out-of-pocket expenses associated with a number of injuries and illnesses. Check out what it projected my costs might be with a broken leg:

medical debt

Pretty overwhelming isn’t it? That sort of expense could create a real crisis.

Aflac can help you avoid some of your medical debt and miscellaneous expenses.

With the right policy, Aflac can help you avoid some of the surprises  you may come across should you become hurt or have an unexpected illness.

Remember, knowledge is power. By understanding the real costs and expenses associated with health care, individuals and families have the power to better financially prepare themselves. Have you taken a hard look at the real costs? Today is the day we do, because honestly, if I did break my leg, according to the real cost calculator, I’d be SOL. No good.

Do you have Aflac? Have you had to use it?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting  for Aflac. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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