Heroic Habits: Getting kids excited about dental care with LISTERINE!

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It’s no question kids learn by example. The adage “do as I say and not as I do” doesn’t really work when you’re trying to instill lifelong healthy, heroic habits like taking care of your teeth.

Our kids need motivation, er, bribery to get the ball rolling. It takes the average person just over two months for a routine to become habit (depending on what it is of course) so luckily, using bribery wouldn’t break the bank. Thank goodness.

I decided the beginning of the month (ish) and back to school was a good of a time as any to really make sure we were all on track with brushing and flossing our teeth. All of us.

Just to keep myself from going to crazy, and to keep it simple, I’m going to attempt the kids sharing ONE reward calendar between the two (three) of them. I’m thinking having a fun system right before the holidays will also take care of some of the “I wants” from Sebby and Quincy. At least I hope. Edison won’t officially be on it yet because I still help him brush his teeth. After all, while at 18 months it’s important to take care of his teeth, he’s not old enough to know to do it himself.

Feel free to click on the calendar below to print it out and use it to establish your own dental routine!

Heroic Habits Calendar #freeprintable #sponsored #mc

The other challenges we face are Sebby’s sensory issues because of Autism – sometimes teeth brushing is a battle, and also just plain crappy genetics. So we try out best to stay on top of the heroic habits of taking care of our teeth!

Before you can get those habits started, you need to have great products. My husband and I pretty much grew up on LISTERINE products, so it seemed obvious to introduce our kids to them too. It’s no question that LISTERINE keeps everyone’s dental needs in mind.

Mouthwash options that are both alcohol and.or peroxide free
Flosses that are gentle on gums, remove coffee stains or give you a burst of mint flavor
PocketPaks that both freshen breath and kill germs on the go

You can buy LISTERINE products online for you and your family or find them at your local store. Be sure to check the LISTERINE website out. Oh and their YouTube page has Ian Ziering videos. Can’t beat that, right? 😉

How will you instill Heroic Habits in your family?

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