Home cooked meals and the time I failed.

This post about my home cooked meals fail is sponsored by Philips Airfryer.


Remember last month when I told you guys I was going to do the #Home30 Challenge? The idea was I was going to cook home cooked meals every day of the month of July with my Philips Airfryer.

Well, I failed. FAILED. Between the miserable not normal hotter than heck days for us, a friend coming in from out of town and just plain life, I didn’t embrace the challenge l wanted to. We made a heck of a lot of frittatas, had a failed chicken attempt and then there was the Phyllo dough I forgot I defrosted until 2 days later. This is real life folks.

Here’s the thing though, the Airfryer is pretty darn amazing and convenient. I’m actually looking forward to using it like crazy for home cooked meals once Quincy and Sebby are back to school and I have time to experiment with recipes and have kitchen disasters and successes without the commentary of a helpful 5 year old.

Home Cooked Meals and Other Ideas for the Philips Airfryer

Yes. This is hands down our favorite so far. Frittata is easily made in the baking pan accessory in under 20 minutes. We’re super spoiled with fresh eggs from our backyard chickens, so it’s just a matter of picking up accompaniments at the store. Our favorites are bacon, sausage, onions, peppers and feta.

Sweet Potato Fries
Ok, so YES, you can make your own by slicing up sweet potatoes and dredging them in a little bit of oil and sea salt. Or you can cheat like I do and just buy them frozen. Here’s the thing though before you blow me off – the airfryer cooks them beautifully. No weird soggy fries, no burnt fries. Just perfection.

Dessert Turnovers
So, it took me a few weeks to get to it, but let’s be clear right now that Phyllo dough + peanut butter + marshmallow is AHHHHMAZING. So Amazing! It took a little patience laying out the dough and brushing it with all that butter but it was so worth it!


There’s a whole slew of things I want to make with my Philips Airfryer still, and I really hope to redeem myself on the home cooked meals thing, because it’s pretty darn embarrassing to fail this challenge so hard core.

But, the good news is you can still win at home cooked meals, even though I failed

The nice folks at Philips have put together a great kitchen essentials prize pack for one lucky reader!

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