I was a Disney Social Media Mom – for a morning!

For a few hours last week, I was a Disney Social Media Mom. There has been so much love and excitement for the amazing conference held in Orlando that this year they took things on the road. And they came to Seattle as a part of their Disney On The Road.

There’s nothing more fun than spending the morning with my favorite blogging buddies and being inspired by mom influencers. Well, it might have been more fun if we had been at Disney World, but it was still a blast.   I love Disney.  It’s a healthy love – I grew up going to Disney World as a kid – my grandparents lived in Central Florida (both sets!) so it made it easy! Name the time I’ve year, I’ve been to Disney World. A few years ago, my mom and step dad took all of the grandkids to Disney World. We had a blast. Now that the kids (well two of them) are older, it’s time to go to Disney again. The goal? Cars Land at Disney Land. Being on the west coast makes it easier to explore the other park, plus we could take the train down if we wanted. I’m sorta hoping my friend Leanne at Rave & Review will join me.

I learned something very important from Mindee Doney at Disney on the Road. Thanks Mindee, I really do appreciate the reminder.

Mindee and I go way back. Well sorta. I was a big fan of her baby, Boogie Wipes when I first started blogging in 2009. Boogie Wipes was one of my first reviews (cue awws). Mindee has moved on from Boogie Wipes (they were acquired by Nehemiah Manufacturing last year( Mindee has since gone back to her love of inventing and inspiring other Moms through her company Juicebox Idea Consulting.

disney social media mom

And let me tell you, Mindee was and is inspirational. I really wish she lived in Seattle, I’d be picking her brain all the time.

In addition to hearing from Mindee and other fabulous speakers like Suzanne Hansen, who is a local Baby Sleep Coach (among other things) we had a little Disney magic. Edison, my nearly 4 month old met Sully, from Monsters, Inc and fell in love.

Edison and Sully

I got to see some of my favorite bloggers, Cristi of Motherhood Unadorned and Leanne of Rave and Review.

And of course, the lovely Jenni Hogan. I always forget how tall she is. Jenni is great and she should have been on the momprenuer panel. Every time I talk to her she’s wickedly positive and wants to support others. So cool.

So there it was, my moments as a Disney Social Media Mom. A few hours in a room full of Disney spirit. I couldn’t ask for much more.

Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to join everyone next year when it’s in Disney Land. Thank you Disney Parks and MomSelect for including me and a BIG THANK YOU to American Tourister for my new pink luggage! Woohooo!

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