Ideas to encourage reading in children with Read With Me Scout from LeapFrog

A big thank you to Mom Select and LeapFrog for providing my family with a Read With Me Scout to help with ideas to encourage reading in children.

Ideas to encourage reading in children #Sponsored

Ideas to encourage reading in children

1.) Read every day for at least 20 minutes, whether they are 1 or 10 or…

2.) Have access to books. Establish a place in the child’s room for his or her books.Have your child put his name in his books. Consider custom bookplates. A feeling of ownership is important.

3.) If your child is willing, whatever his or her age, don’t be afraid to read aloud. If your child decides to read something to YOU…be patient and let him or her read to you.

4. ) Schedule regular family visits to the library and introduce your child to the librarian. Look for books together and get them their own library card.

Get a fun interactive reading toy like Read With Me Scout from LeapFrog. You may already be familiar with our friend Scout, and this new version is already well loved in our house. The new Read With Me Scout is an interactive plush toy that comes with fun books that he reads aloud to your kids. Plus, he responds to also responds to every pet, pat, hug and kiss! How cute is that? Pretty cute, because my kids, ALL of my kids just love him!

Scout love

Our little puppy friend has 5 colorful story books that my kids can look at alone or have Scout read to them. Scout has over 70 different interactions from telling my kids how to find the right book (Eli is on the cover) to asking them about colors, shapes and more. It’s definitely made reading more fun!

Pets and Hugs for Scout

Both Quincy and Edison really love Scout – he’s perfect for their age range, but Sebby loves Scout too. It’s been really enjoyable for the whole family and we’ve had lots of reading fun! Scout even has a sleepy time mode where he plays lullabies and tells relaxing stories! What is not to love?

LeapFrog doesn’t disappoint. Read With Me Scout is another addition to our beloved toys from them. I hope my children continue their love of reading with their cuddly friend. In case your wondering (because I was) you can get Read With Me Violet too!

How do you get children excited about reading?

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  1. This would be great for my 5 year old! He is slowly starting to get into the whole reading thing. He used to hate being read to. He refused to even learn his alphabet. But now that he’s in Kindergarten, he enjoys being read to and is working hard at his writing and I’m hoping reading will fall into place soon! This would be great for him! I’m definitely going to add that to his Christmas list!

  2. My kids are huge LeapFrog fans. This looks like the perfect educational toy for Q’s age.

  3. I love it. I get my kids excited about reading by reading to them daily. They love reading time. We also visit the library often.

  4. We have a Leap Frog Violet and it’s our kids’ FAVORITE. They’ve used it for years. I didn’t know there was a Read With Me Scout! Def going on the birthday gift list.

  5. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I like the idea of having them put their names in their books and going to meet the librarian. My daughter is about to turn 3 and she loves when I read to her. Her favorite part is turning the pages!

  6. Very cool! Reminds me of Teddy Ruxpin, only a little cuddlier! I’ll have to mention this to my Lit students (primarily aspiring teachers) and see what they think of this kind of teaching tool/toy…

  7. I love leapfrog. I like that this has over 70 different interactions. Great learning toy for kids. Love it!

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