I’m going to see Elton John thanks to ScoreBig!

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Back in the day, my husband and I went to our fair share of shows. Between the two of us, we’ve seen some really amazing artists: The Pixies, David Bowie, REM, Michael Hedges, Tori Amos, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers… I could go on and on and on. The list is ridiculous.


Now that we have kids, concert going isn’t always in the budget, and let’s face it, our favorite bands are starting to retire. So recently we’ve been talking about making sure we make those old favorites, those really epic shows, a priority. We’ve been talking about finding those concerts that will really knock our socks off.

Enter Elton John.

We live in Seattle and have a pretty awesome music scene. A lot of good shows happen around here. So when I found out Elton John was coming to Key Arena I suggested it to my husband as one of those epic shows we need to see.

The problem was the ticket cost. Not cheap. Not even close to cheap.

Then I got an email from the folks at ScoreBig.com. They wanted to send me a gift certificate to try out their site in exchange for my experience. Which meant that the tickets to see Elton John would get a little more affordable. Yeah, we were about to ScoreBig.

So what is ScoreBig and how does it work?

Most major games, shows and concerts have hundreds and sometimes thousands of unsold tickets—even events you’d think are sold out. You bid on your tickets, and sometimes you save up to 60% below box office price. There are no ticket fees or shipping costs. You just find your event and bid. You’ll know in minutes whether or not your bid has been accepted. If the bid is too low, they’ll even counterbid.

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The process was so easy. I logged on to ScoreBig and found the listing for Elton John at Key Arena. I picked the seating area, and entered my bid. Since I like to save money, I went a little low – why not, right? I got a counter bid of just $12 higher than what I had offered, which was still below the cost of the tickets (I had checked them out at other sites) so I was happy. Within 24 hours I had the printable tickets in my inbox, and next month, my husband and I are going to see Elton John thanks to ScoreBig (and my bank account, ha!)

Not into concerts? You can find tickets for sporting events, Broadway and even some amusement parks on ScoreBig. That’s pretty awesome.

I can’t wait for Elton John, and I can’t wait to ScoreBig again!

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