I’m headed to Safeway to learn better ways to save money! #safewayj4u

I am not a couponer. I am in awe of my friends that can spend hours pouring over circulars and comparing them to coupons to find the best deals at their favorite stores. But me? I just don’t have the patience for it.

But let’s be honest here, I DO like to save money. Who doesn’t? But I like to do it without jumping through 50 hoops.

So on Thursday I’m headed to the Safeway offices with a few other local bloggers to learn more about them, and their new program, Just 4 You.

No more clipping coupons, new deals every week… on thing things I BUY.

just 4 you


Have you tried out Safeway Just 4 You yet? How do you like to save? Is there anything you want me to find out during my trip? Leave a comment below!


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  1. I think this is a great plan.

    I clip coupons, and leave them at home (almost without fail!). So to be able to load the savings digitally would be great.

    I don’t have any specific questions, but I look forward to hearing what you learn.
    Wendy T recently posted..Where I’ve Been – Part Eight

  2. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Looks like a great way to save. We don’t have any Safeways around here unfortunately.
    Tiffany Cruz recently posted..Instagram Fun with Statigram

  3. We don’t have a Safeway but like you I don’t have the patience for clipping coupons. If a story makes it easy for me (like loading them electronically to my card), then I’m all about them!
    Sarah BB @ East9thStreet recently posted..When Mommy’s Kisses Don’t Work Anymore

  4. Blue Racer says:

    interesting. I’ll have to check it out. I clip coupons, but never have them with me and end up having them expire before I use them.

  5. I don’t clip coupons, I shop mostly at Trader Joe’s and find their house brand to be affordable without the need for coupons (and funky ingredients!). When I do shop at a ‘mainstream’ grocer, I use the store app on my phone to scan as I shop & receive ‘exclusive’ discounts because I use their app. It would be great if store would simply import all of the coupons to their app & apply the discount at check out. Imagine all of the paper & time that could save!

    We don’t have a Safeway near us, but I’ll be interested to see what they’ll be offering going forward.
    Emily recently posted..can local marketing experts improve blog traffic?

  6. Sounds like an interesting program, but I would wonder if you could really score deals as good as those you could get from combining coupons with sales.
    julieann r recently posted..Cellfire 5/1/12

    • I’ll be writing a post as we had a workshop today. We learned that you can in some circumstances, you can stack your coupons with the just 4 You sales. We all went on an impromptu shopping trip, and one of the bloggers in attendance still saved 70%!! Stay tuned for my post!

  7. Sarah L says:

    Do they send you email reminders to load your coupons to your Safeway card?

  8. I agree that these kinds of things can be really good when combined with coupons – I will look forward to seeing how it works out for you!

  9. courtney b says:

    safeway is the only place we shop at.. love it:)

  10. This is a great idea! Who doesn’t like to save a little money here and there! Thanks!

  11. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    That sounds great. I like to hear that grocery stores are trying to help shoppers save!

  12. Jessica Cox says:

    This is a great idea because I can never find coupons that I need.

  13. Jen Whitten says:

    Although we have no Safeways here, but participate in similair programs with other local grocers! And, I AM A COUPONER! LOL! I LOVE it, it’s fun, and I manage to do it with 4 kids?!?!? Sometimes that is…lots of keep up work and research, clipping, and such to do! Right now, I probalby have 20 inserts that haven’t even been clipped…meaning they’re of no use and hopefully they don’t expire before I get to them! So for weeks like this, I’d love to rely on this new program of Safeways!

  14. Ashley Thomas says:

    I have never tried safeway, but I will have to. It looks like an awesome deal to help me with my saving plans.
    Ashley Thomas recently posted..Kim Kardashian Ripped Dress

  15. Safeway is a great place to shop, they have some really good sales every week.

  16. My mom told me about this. she has been using it and loves it.. I need to get started too. Thanks for sharing.
    fancygrlnancy (Nancy Partin) recently posted..Baby Evan’s Birth Story

  17. I love their Just 4 U program. I have been using it for 6 months and saved a lot of money.

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