Inside Out: From Script to Screen

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You guys, it’s my last post for my journey to Pixar Studios to learn about Inside Out that comes out THIS WEEK ON JUNE 19TH!! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along, and that you’ve gotten to learn a little more about the film, and the awesomeness that is Pixar.

If you’re an average movie goer, you might not always know the story behind the movie to get it to the silver screen, the finished product. The paths it takes, the twists, turns, ups and downs, and sometimes a dead end or two.

Movies aren’t written where someone simply writes a simple script and hands it off, movies don’t have a finished script until they are done.

The story of Inside Out.

We sat down with Co-Director Ronnie del Carmen & Story Supervisor Josh Cooley about the story process and how a sequence is taken from the script page to the screen in storyboards.

It began as a writers workshop, sharing the stories of childhood as viewed from the parents perspective. They started drawing what those stories looked like, and because Inside Out is about emotions, they talked about the feelings associated with those stories looked like.

They personified the feelings – they talked about the emotions jobs, what their environment looked like. INSIDE OUT

Inside Out is a story within a story. We see what’s going on inside Riley’s head, the drama and interaction, and then we see how it affects her from the outside.

Storyboards were created by pinning sketches up and then the story artists would tell the story – with voices too! There can be hundreds of thousands of these drawings – and those are just the official numbered ones. In reality there are more.
They kept working on the stories, fleshing them out, pitching them, talking through them. It was a never ending effort to make Inside Out feel effortles – repeating it until it worked until the very end.

It did work. When the movie was still in storyboard, which is very abstract, they brought some kids in to check it out.

And they got it.


When you see Inside Out in theaters this June 19th, I hope you look at it with different eyes. I know I do.

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