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Before we headed out to see the red carpet premiere of Delivery Man we sat down and chatted with Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders. Not surprising, they were both friendly and chatty and answered our questions about the film – whether it was how being a parent affected their role, how they liked working with Vince Vaughn and their favorite part of the film.

Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders Interview

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Q: How did being a mom (dad) affect your role?

SMULDERS: Well very much. I mean this movie is really all about parenting. It’s all about what it takes to be a parent so I, I automatically connected with that at the same time, you know, here he is. Look how handsome he is.


SMULDERS: I was just asking how being a mom helped with this film. and I was pregnant in this film, not in life but I had the fake belly on and I remember just crazy emotions that come into play when you’re pregnant and I think that one of the things that I know I crave and I think that pregnant women do crave is stability. You know, you’re in this situation where especially if it’s your first child a lot of things are unknown and in terms of this movie, the character of Emma, she has a very unreliable partner so she’s just sort of trying to figure all that out. Being a mom?

PRATT: Well for me, my son was had just been born when I was doing this movie. I think he was maybe two months old. So for me I wasn’t necessarily able to relate to my character’s journey as a father in this movie ‘cause he’s like so overwhelmed with the idea of being a father. I was still finding every little tiny thing endlessly fascinating about my own son. But I did miss him a lot and so like they were moments in the performance where I needed to just stare off into space and think about something that bummed me out. The fact that I was away from him was something that I could go to if I needed to so that was, that was my way out.

Q: What was it like working with Vince?

SMULDERS: I loved working with Vince. He is so — I think he’s everything that you would kind of expect him to be. Super funny, super quick. going into this movie I was very intimidated because, you know, he’s sort of known for his amazing improv and I am very rusty and so when I came to this film and met him and he was so supportive and he was so, you know, he’s also very considerate and very charming. Like he really goes out of his way to put everyone at ease on set and set the tone for everybody so it was pretty great.

PRATT: I feel the same thing. I mean, really I mean he’s beloved by people, his fans and people because he just seems real. You know, he seems like a regular guy and I think that he’s everything you would really hope that he would if you’re a fan of his. He’s not like some Hollywood A hole. He’s, you know, he’s no nonsense when it comes down to doing work. He does work and makes sure everyone around him does good work and that’s important as the captain of the ship. But at the same time, charming, caring and, uh, you know, he’s polite. He’s polite to everyone from the people who are his weight staff, restaurants to fans and strangers on the street who approach him, who like him. he always gives a little bit of himself to people so he’s really everything you’d hope he would be.

Q: What did you like most about the story?

SMULDERS:For me, I was really moved the way that Vince’s character, David, chose to reconnect, not even reconnect, to connect for the first time with his children that were his biologically. I really loved the way that Ken wrote these scenes and also the way that it all sort of played out.

PRATT: Yeah, I think for me a movie like — it goes back to this execution of this idea ‘cause it could be a pretty broad idea, you know. There’s a version of this movie where these kids, you know, oh, no one of them is a crazy kid and he’s part wolf. It could like go really broad. But instead it went to real places and really the movie about halfway through when he starts his journey on finding out and some of them are crazy like a professional NBA player like wow, that’s amazing or an actor who need a role and he helps him get the role and that’s great.

But then all of a sudden you’ve got a kid who has needed assistance his entire life and lives in an assistant living home and that’s like then all of a sudden you’re, you’re moved and there’s a girl who is, you know, chemical dependency issues and you’re starting to dealing with these themes and these realities that make it a real examination of humanity versus just like, you know, see how silly you could play out the outlandish part of this.

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If you have the tradition of taking your family to a movie on Thanksgiving, consider this heartwarming film. You can take your everyone from your tween to your grandma – it’s suitable for everyone. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much!

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