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Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For Baby

Baby Zoo Product Collection:
Baby Zoo’s collection of innovative sleep aid products are designed to offer parents playful new solutions to address bedtime concerns with their children.

Gus-The World’s First Timer-Based Nightlight-Helps Children to Fall Asleep Easily
The huggable turtle Gus nightlight is the world’s first timer-based nightlight. It’s safe to take Gus to bed because a timer function automatically shuts the light off at pre-determined intervals so it does not get warm. The timer prolongs long battery life as well. Suitable for ages 10 months and older.
Recommended retail: $19.99

Momo-The Baby Zoo Sleeptrainer-Teaches Children When to Stay in Bed!
The Baby Zoo Sleep Trainer, the adorable monkey Momo, intuitively teaches
children when to stay in bed. One push of the button at bed time and Momo
closes his eyes, only at the set wake-up time will he open his eyes (with or
without jungle sounds) which means rise and shine! Suitable for ages 2-5+.
Recommended retail $39.99.

Coco-The World’s First Digital Music Player Especially Developed for Babies and Young Children
The perfect audio player for creating a magical bedtime atmosphere. Coco is the first digital music player specifically designed for young children. Whether you want to soothe your tiny loved one to sleep with lulling music or play bedtime stories for your toddlers, Coco can do it all. The whimsical barnyard design makes this creative audio player fun for young children of all ages and features an easy-to-use start button for repeated play as well as a timed automatic shut off component.
Recommended retail: $49.99

Woolly-Sun Rise Light
This ‘alarm clock light’ wakes up your child in a natural way as it would from the light of the sun. The intensity of the light increases from a soft glow up to where the room is fully lit and it’s time to wake up. Adjustable sounds of a soothing Chinese gong, Dutch farm sounds or a rooster offer a way for a child to wake up in natural and pleasant way. Woolly is also a comfort light a light and can be set at any intensity for a child to fall asleep with.
Recommended retail: $59

Available for purchase at and at leading specialty juvenile product stores nationwide.

Company Background:
• Founded by Dutch entrepreneur and designer Hans Pompen
• U.S. offices based in Chester, NJ
• Web site address:
• Facebook address:
• Twitter address:!/MyBabyZoo

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