Meet 2017 Girl of the Year: Gabriela McBride

Have you heard about the 2017 Girl of the Year? Her name is Gabriela McBride! For the first time ever, the Girl of the Year at American Girl will be available from 2017 and beyond.

Gabriela Girl of of the Year

We’re looking forward to learning more about Gabriela, read her stories and play with her performance accessories! Check out her cool headphones! (Quincy is going to want a pair just like them!)

Gabriela McBride

Here’s what makes us excited about Gabby:

Gabriela McBride is a quiet, creative girl who comes from a family of artists. Quincy loves to dance and be creative, and I know Gabriela will be a inspiration to her.

Gabriela has a stutter, and she finds that spoken word poetry gives her confidence to fight that stutter. Quincy struggles with using her big girl voice and sometimes it’s hard to hear her. I’m hoping that spoken word poetry will give her confidence too.

Gabriela has a kitten, Maya, for a pet. When Quincy heard that Gabby had a kitten, she squeaked! She’s so excited. She loves kitties!

Gabriela and Maya

The Scholastic and American Girl Express Yourself program

To connect both boys and girls with Gabby’s inspiring message, American Girl is partnering with Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and leader in comprehensive educational materials, to create and distribute Express Yourself, a custom curriculum program that teaches 3rd-5th grade students how to use poetry as a tool for self-expression. The free materials will be available on starting March 1, 2017, and include teacher lessons and corresponding classroom activities, a poetry poster, plus parent tips and learning ideas to do at home. In addition, to celebrate National Poetry Month, the program also features a poetry contest for students that will run throughout the month of April. The Express Yourself program will encourage all students to find their creative voices and share their own personal stories, while building confidence along the way.

Gabriela Girl of the Year

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